September 15th, 2013


The Elephant in the Room

Our computer knows us too well. As we sit here at the computer, doing various internet things and listening to our Koe no Ouji-sama music, sometimes we'll stop and talk about something that came up. If our conversation starts to get too grumpy, the next song to play will be something we first heard at the Tokyo Disney Resort, and the happy memories will be like, "Hey! Cut it out with the grumpiness!"

Anyway. I had stuff to talk about. What was it? Right. Elephants.

The other night, Celeste and her husband came over, and we had a great time talking about stuff. Somehow the topic of unresolved conflict and non-confrontationalism came up, and someone pointed out how people just don't like to talk about the elephant in the room. Athena thought it was the perfect time to voice her opinion that we should get a giant plush elephant to put in the room--that way, instead of sitting around avoiding the metaphorical elephant in the room, we could sit around avoiding the topic of the actual elephant in the room. We all thought it was such a hilarious idea that we should act on it.

(Pardon me while I take time out to sing Under the Sea with Miyu Irino. ...And the Mickey Mouse Club March.)

Our plan was facilitated by the fact that we had already made arrangements to take Sarah and Logan to Toys R Us the next morning. There was a Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends play date event going on, and even though Logan doesn't really have the attention span to watch Thomas the Tank Engine, he loves trains. We asked Celeste and husband if they wanted to join us, and they tried to decline until I told them they could help us pick out an elephant. We saw them there the next morning.

The event was good, I guess? They had a train set out for the kids to play with, and they had crowns to color (the new Thomas movie involves the king of steam engines or something like that) and four-piece puzzles and stuff. But it was just kind of a show up, here have some free stuff, and oh there's a train set to play with if you want. So Logan played with the trains for a while, and then we explored the toy store.

Obviously, first on the agenda was trying to find a suitable elephant for the room. There were some good ones--we especially liked the one covered in bright pink and orange flowers (the Magnolia Elephant, as the price checker called it)--but one of the main criteria of the elephant of the room was that it had to stay in the room, and we figured some people would not allow that to happen if it was made with an embarrassing print. Maybe when we get our own place, we'll get a Magnolia Elephant for our living room. But since we couldn't get the Magnolia Elephant, the only other elephant worth considering (because the others were too small) was at the very top of all the shelves, because it was big and expensive, and they probably didn't want kids to try to ride it. We tried to get to it on our own, since we had some pretty tall people in our group, but to no avail. Celeste's husband wanted to throw things at it to knock it down, but that idea was vetoed pretty quickly. It's probably a good thing I didn't really know what was going on at the time, because I probably would have been on the side of trying it.

So we thought about asking an employee to tell us how much it was, but we couldn't ever find any when we wanted them, so we explored the store some more. Logan found the Power Wheels aisle, and his uncle was very cooperative in taking every Power Wheels model off the shelf (okay, not every model--the Barbie ones remained firmly in place) so the boy could ride it, and putting them back when he was done.

Eventually Mom joined us, but by that time we had forgotten all about elephants (but we had found some pretty cool toys for ourselves that we ended up buying). Fortunately, she hadn't, so we showed her all the elephants we found, and she agreed that the impossible-to-reach one was the best, so we finally chased down an employee to get a price on it. He had to pull out the ladder, but we got it, and then, realizing that it was just as expensive as expected, we had to stop and decide if we really wanted to spend that much money on our little gag. Ultimately we decided that yes we did, and now we are the proud owners of a $150 FAO Schwartz plush elephant. It's super awesome.

And as soon as we decided to buy it, Logan found it and tried to ride it. His mom tried to stop him, but I figured the worst that could happen was that its legs would give out. So instead of stopping him, she took pictures. And when Steve got home from his business trip and asked us where the large plush elephant came from, we said, "We don't want to talk about it." XD

In naming the elephant, we considered the fact that Logan calls all elephants "eee," which is how he pronounces the sound they make. (Similarly, lions, tigers, and bears are all "rar.") Then I remembered an episode of Recess where they had a substitute teacher named Mr. E, and we all decided it was perfect.

Logan and his parents stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon. It was super cute when it was decided that we would have pizza for dinner. The kid was so excited--he was jumping around the room shouting, "See-sah!" at everyone. And the other adorable thing that happened was his new coloring game that he made up with Athena. He's been asking her to draw animals for him for weeks now, but yesterday, when she drew an animal he liked, he would "get" it (then yell, "Got eee!", for example). "Getting" an animal consisted of scribbling over it with a marker until it was completely covered. I was a little worried about the implications of rubbing out the animals, so I asked, "Did you capture the elephant?" "Yeah." But just to be completely sure, I asked, "Did you...kill the elephant?" "......" So I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean anything malicious in getting the animals, and I think he would absolutely love Pokemon.

Oh wait, there was another cute thing. I helped him track down one of the cats, and she was nice enough to let him pet her for a while. Then he started playing his favorite game, which consists of him going, "Rar!" and people reacting like he's scary. The problem with playing it with the cat is that when she reacts, she's not pretending. But she still gave the desired reaction, so I didn't have any hope of Logan just getting bored with her. At least he didn't hit her.

But so as to end this on a "Logan being nice" note, we went outside to color with chalk on the sidewalk, and he asked me to draw an elephant for him. So I drew an elephant, and after his mom pointed out to him that it looked like Babar and asked him to say Babar ("Baba."), he got up, said in Logan dialect, "Thanks, Thea," and walked away.

Today I'm thankful for the elephant in the room, having a fun time at the toy store yesterday, our computer calming us down, getting to have pizza for dinner last night, and getting toys for us. And having a big choir today! And according to the hymnal, the song was written by our great great great grandfather (but according to the LDS Music app, it's from "Pratt's collection").