September 9th, 2013


Freak out!

Today almost started with a meltdown. After the whirlwind of activity over the weekend, we were finally able to start doing our stuff...and then we realized how much stuff we have to do. Not that we really have a whole lot of stuff to do, but it seems like so much more when you're never sure how much time you're going to have. And one of the things we have to do is huge--we still have to figure out where we want to live. We actually started today by getting a little bit more information, but then we felt so overwhelmed that we didn't want to deal with it anymore, but we realized we're going to have to deal with it eventually, and this attitude of not dealing with it because we just don't want to is what had us living in our apartment so long it eventually burned down to begin with.

...There's definitely some flawed logic in there, but the point is, we've been thinking we needed a change of venue for a long long long time, but were so averse to the hassle of figuring out how to get one that we just kept staying in the same place. And I'm afraid of that happening again, but I'm also afraid of making the wrong decision, and I know that it's really not as bad as it seems, but it's just such a pain in the neck that I don't want to deal with it. And this kind of thinking just goes around and around in my head over and over and then I don't want to do anything except read and/or play video games. But then I think of last week, and how we wanted to take time to just relax with our own stuff, but when we did that, we ended up barely getting anything done for the whole week, including relaxing!

So that's where we were this morning when it was time to get back to work on our Manga Battle entry. Of course we chose the more difficult of our two top choices for translation selections, and so the idea of trying to work on a difficult translation when I was already overwhelmed only compounded the problem. And! the idea of Halloween costumes keeps coming up! Argh!

Eventually we managed to each take a deep breath, go to the store for some comfort food, and pick one thing to work on (the translation). And now we're feeling a little bit better, and we even managed to get some work done. Not much work, but tomorrow we should have a slightly more normal schedule. Hopefully.

Anyway, after I finished writing that super long Ace Attorney post on Friday, I realized there was some translation stuff that I wanted to include but forgot! Collapse )