September 2nd, 2013


Not productive

We were fully intending to get back to translating today. We're pretty far ahead on just about everything currently, but we recently found out about the Translation Battle, and we thought we'd like to enter it. It's kind of a scary concept, though, because we're like, "There's no reason we shouldn't win!"...which means that if we don't, we'll suffer a huge blow to our confidence. We actually might not, because we can always chalk it up to artistic differences and popularity contests, and besides, there surely there are other good manga translators out there, and if we're beaten by a fantastic translator, that doesn't mean our work it trash. Still, it's a chance to win a trip to Japan, and since there's actual skill involved (as opposed to a random drawing), we think we might have a chance this time! And we really need to go back to DisneySea. So.

(Oh right, in case anybody's interested and hasn't found it yet, here's the link.)

In addition to that, chibidrunksanzo has put in an official request for us to translate Saiyuki Ibun, and since we wanted to translate it for us anyway and we didn't have anything else to do this week, we promised we'd get started on that.

But obviously none of that happened. Instead, we spent the day with our nephew! It was pretty fun, but exhausting, and it didn't help that I still had the headache I got yesterday. So we're pretty tired, but the kid is so cute. Some of you may have seen the selfie (or is that spelled selfy? It's definitely not Selphie XD) of his that Athena posted on Facebook. After he took the picture, Athena opened up the Facebook app to post it, and he started making noise because he wanted to be using the iPad. So after Athena typed up her caption for the picture, she added, "In his words:" and let him play with the iPad keyboard. He had a fairly lengthy comment on the picture (mostly consisting of the letters K and Y; he likes to tap the same place repeatedly), but then he hit undo and erased the whole thing! ...and promptly lost interest, so we couldn't get him to do it again.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play with Logan, having the chance to enter a translation contest, getting to eat quality mellowcreme pumpkins again, nifty dry-erase coloring books, and getting to go to In-N-Out for lunch.