August 28th, 2013


I Hate You More Than Anyone

We blew off posting at our regular time because we wanted to read instead (Sherlock Holmes for Athena, Durarara!! for me), and we probably would have used the rest of our evening to play Ace Attorney, but instead there was MasterChef. So we watched the first hour of it, and then Steve left to play basketball, with instructions to leave the episode on pause (the idea of pausing television has been around for so long and yet is still so foreign to us) until he gets back. We figured we didn't have enough time to make it through the next chapter of Ace Attorney, so we got distracted on Facebook for a little while and now here we are. Tadah!

So let's get back to our commemorative multi-part series, now with manga from CMX!

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Today I'm thankful for getting to watch MasterChef, getting a ripe kupo nut in Kingdom Hearts [chi], getting to look back on I Hate You♥, getting to buy chocolate covered pretzels and toffee peanuts, and getting to play Headbands.