July 25th, 2013



It just figures that now that we've given ourselves a long list of things to post about, we'd keep coming up with more things to post about. Most of them are just little translation things, though, like how when somebody says something twice in a row in Japanese, you probably don't lose a lot of nuance if you go ahead and have them say it only once in English. The repetition was most likely for emphasis or rhythm, and there are other ways we deal with that when speaking English.

But anyway, we still have some manga to reminisce about!

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Wow, I said it last time and now I'm saying it again, we really don't have a lot to say about Rizelmine. But I am starting to wonder if we need to include summaries of all these series we're talking about. Hmmm.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work a little early today, having plans to go grocery shopping, having some leftover coffee cake to eat for breakfast (we usually have cereal, but we ran out of milk), getting to watch Servant x Service, and getting to watch Free!.