July 13th, 2013


So much stuff going on

Normally, we probably would have continued our multi-part commemorative series today, or yesterday, but...okay, so we were completely planning to post yesterday, and it certainly is not (only) because of the new Kingdom Hearts internet browser game that we didn't. We came to LJ at our normal posting time and the site was down for maintenance. But it said it would try to redirect us in five minutes, so to kill time while we waited, and because we wanted to, we went to the site for the beta test of Kingdom Hearts [chi]. (That's supposed to be the Greek letter chi in those brackets, but since I'm too lazy to find a chi to copy and paste, that's how I'm dealing with the title.)

LJ remained unavailable to us until after our friend came over to watch Doctor Who. We have now seen the first three arcs with the first doctor, and we're faced with the decision of how to proceed. We all agree that we like the first doctor well enough, but the pacing is slow enough to put people to sleep if we're not careful. So our friend suggested skipping ahead to the modern Doctor Who episodes (ninth doctor on), and while we would be pretty happy to watch episodes that move at a pace more to our liking (and have color), I am still interested in seeing how everything plays out with these characters. It doesn't help that during the last episode of The Daleks, our friend suddenly went, "...Ooohhh!" and then couldn't say what she was talking about, because it referred to much, much later episodes. But we were able to gather (and she confirmed) that something from modern Who suddenly makes sense now that she's seen classic Who. I think we'd probably just keep going with Doctor One if we didn't have to buy all the DVDs first.

Anyway. After that, we played more Kingdom Hearts [chi]. It is super cute!! I wonder if this is, like, before Birth by Sleep or what. Collapse )

So then there was that, and then today we ended up being busy all day. It was a good kind of busy, but we're glad to be done being busy. I can't believe it's seven-thirty already.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, getting to go grocery shopping, the kind people who drove us around today, coming home to find Page in her carrier (she really loves it there--I hope it remains a place of comfort and doesn't become a symbol of betrayal when we start trying to transport her), and having a good time watching Doctor Who with our friend.