May 19th, 2013


Of cats and choirs

Today was our first day at our new ward's choir practice. It was kind of weird how it all went down, because it almost felt like some underground operation. Like everybody who's in knows all the info, but nobody else does. Maybe we just weren't paying enough attention to whatever it is that had the information. But we found out about it anyway, because the choir accompanist is kind of absentee, so one of the Musical People in the ward asked if I could come play the piano for them. And that's how we found out about choir practice. It's only slightly extra amusing because our own sister is also in the choir. She might have told us if she hadn't been beaten to the punch. Now we may never know.

So choir practice was pretty much like choir practice (except that we got to do warm-ups, which is something we'd been trying to with Heritage Ward choirs for years but never succeeded; it would have been even more awesome if I could have played the exercises better), and then we needed a ride home. We thought we wouldn't have this problem now that we were in the same ward as some family members, but Sarah needed to bum a ride herself. Fortunately, there was a very nice woman who overheard our plight and offered us a ride home without a hitch.

As it turns out, she's the mother of our former Relief Society president who took us to PetSmart to get Page. When we told her that's what we remembered most about her daughter, then we all started talking about cats. Apparently she made friends with a couple of stray cats in her neighborhood just in time for one of them to have kittens, so she and her husband have a littler of kittens that they're raising to adoptable age, and then they're going to find good homes for them. They've done this before, and they like to make sure they're not putting the cats into any kind of bad situation. For example, when interviewing potential owners, she'll ask why they're interested in a cat. "Oh, my daughter really wants one!" "How old is she?" If she's two, they're not getting the cat.

There was another situation where she was interviewing a woman who said they just kept losing cats. "Do you live by a busy street?" "No." "Do you live out in the country?" "Yes." "Your cats go outside?" "Yes." "You have coyotes?" "Yes." "You know the coyotes are eating your cats?" "Oh, that's just nature." "Not for my cats, it's not!"

...I typed up that story because I thought it was interesting, but now that I look at it, I realize it doesn't shine a very good light on the person looking for cats. It's true that death by coyote-eating is technically a natural cause for a cat that lives outside, and if you're okay with that happening to your cats then there you go. It just means that not everybody is going to let you adopt their kittens.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to choir practice, getting a ride home from choir practice, getting to talk about kitties, being able to learn more about Page's markings (so far we've got that it's related to the Van pattern), and the yummy candy we bought at the candy store by the movie theater yesterday.