May 17th, 2013


Hola, polar bear!

As it turns out, taking the day off yesterday seems like not such a good idea. Ah well. If we need more time, we can probably get it. I think we'll be okay though.

Yesterday a slightly amusing thing happened. We were getting dressed to go out, and I picked up my "I only date superheroes" shirt, but then Athena put on her Walt Disney Studios shirt, and I was like, "I wanna wear mine, too!" It wasn't because of this bizarre twin need to match. It was the three-year-old mentality. Y'know, like when a little kid sees another kid with a toy, and they want it? That's why Athena and I usually buy two of all our clothes--not because we want to be the same, but because we happen to like a lot of the same stuff. And, unlike a lot of singletons we know, we don't like sharing clothes. I suppose it's possible that we don't like sharing clothes because if we only have one of something we can't both wear it at the same time, and therefore can't match. But on the other hand, we really like to have stuff that each of us can call her own.

Another slightly interesting thing is that the World Wildlife Fund is having a sweepstakes where the prize is to go look at polar bears in the wild. We saw it and we're like, "That sounds like a terrible idea. Let's enter!" We hate the cold. We hate it a lot. And yet, despite our insistence that polar bears are overrated, we both think it would be really cool to go (figuratively as well as literally). I won't deny that Polar Bear's Cafe may have influenced this opinion. (Athena: "May have," nothing.) Also, upon closer inspection, the polar bear observation will take place inside heated vehicles, so there ya go! The WWF site said to tell all your friends about it so they can take you if they win, but if you win you can't take both of us (it's a trip for two), but we'll tell you about it anyway, because we already did for one thing. But we will make you find the website yourself.

Today I'm thankful for being done with work today, beating the Thing in the Desert even without Last Leaf (what's it called in the English version again? Second Chance or something?), our pretty green Walt Disney Studios t-shirts, heated polar bear viewing vehicles, and day dreams of going on fancy polar bear viewing expeditions.