May 16th, 2013


And we're back!

Wouldn't you know it, our journal happened to be on the cluster that needed a bazillion years of maintenance. (A bazillion years, several hours...) We did manage to type up an entry last night, but it didn't get posted. It did, however, get saved as a draft, so we still have it entirely intact! (Actually, we had saved a draft on Notepad, too, just in case, but looks like we don't need it.) (Also actually, I spoke too soon. It was almost entirely intact, but it missed some of the gratitude bit.)

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As for today...we actually took the day off for the most part. Should we do that when we're super busy? Probably not, but things seem to have slowed down a bit, so we think we'll be okay. I finished reading the latest volume of Skip Beat!, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!. That's really all there is to say about that.

But the funnest thing that happened today...wait, Chrome is not telling me that "funnest" is misspelled. I need to rethink my life. Anyway, we got an email from CD Japan about "new releases from your favorite artist." When we saw the title, we had to go see which of our favorite artists this was supposed to be, because it was some CD that had Apollo and Hades on it. And just as I suspected! Miyu Irino is playing Apollo in something! And Daisuke Ono is playing Hades. This is just too perfect, because we think of those voice actors in terms of Koe no Ouji-sama songs, and Irino-kun's song is so bright and happy (like the sun!), while Ono-san sings about Halloween.

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Today I'm thankful for finding out about shiny new video games, said games giving us time to get through the other zillions of games that we have before hitting stores, Mom and Steve driving us to the grocery store, finding a bag of chocolate peanut butter Chex Mix (it's a miracle!), and getting caught up on Chihayafuru (right in time for a new episode tomorrow!).