May 11th, 2013


Catching up again

Whew, today is a busy day! Oh right, every day has been busy this week, which of course means that Saturday will be extra busy. Our problem, Athena says, is that we don't have the stuff to make chocolate fondue, and while I agree that our lack of chocolate is a problem, I don't know if that would solve anything. But it would be nice.

Anyway, one of the things that made us busy today had us waiting for people to show up, and they were late. So we did the logical thing and spent the extra minutes downloading apps to our iPad. And the origami whale got stuck in one of the origami pandas! But that was in an app we already had. The point is, we remembered that there was a DS game we wanted but never got, and now it's on iOS, so we went to find it and discovered that Square-Enix has about a million amazingly, awesomely ridiculous apps to get! They have one that apparently involves catching chocobos...and nothing else. It sounds super awesome. I sense a lot of danger for our bank account. On the other hand, I sensed the same danger when we discovered all the cool stuff available on WiiWare, and that hasn't really been an issue. Besides, we don't have time to play silly little apps! Even if they do involve catching chocobos! ...the will power is starting to weaken... Fortunately we're easily distracted.

The other thing taking up our time today is our anime backlog. This season we're watching things out of loyalty and not necessarily out of liking them. Mamoru Miyano specifically asked all his fans to watch Karneval! And it has a bunch of other voice actors that we like, and we had heard that our favorite Miyu Irino is in it. So we wanted to at least watch until his character showed up, but oh did we have such a hard time getting to that point. And then we did, and it was even worse! Aaaaahhh!

The show itself is like...the song Double Dear. I don't think a lot of people know the story of the song, so let me retell it again. In the CD drama series Captain Animate (or Anime Tenchou), the CEO of the Animate franchise wanted all the managers of his stores to get together to form a visual-kei band. But all the store managers are not screaming fangirls--they're boy anime geeks. And so they have no idea how to form a visual-kei band. But they have to do it anyway, and that involves writing a song. So they make a list of all the imagery that tends to be included in visual-kei songs, like broken rainbows and fallen angels and dark edgy things such as this that would also hit all of a girl's moe buttons, and toss them together into a song that didn't really make any sense. We think that's what they did with Karneval, only with more of an attempt to make it make sense. We think.

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After that we watched an episode of Arata: The Legend, which we watch out of loyalty to Yuu Watase. And stuff actually happened, and Arata stopped being a Broody McBroodingstein, so we were pretty happy. We long for the day (maybe today!) when we get back to happy things like Chihayafuru...

Today I'm thankful for all the shiny new apps to choose from, the sad cat diary video, being done with our chores, manga artists who understand that twins are people too, and having a secret stash of candy to break into. (It was even a secret from us! Except we knew all about it. But it was off-limits, because it was for Relief Society spotlights. But now we're in a different ward, so Athena isn't doing spotlights anymore, so we might as well eat the candy.)