May 1st, 2013


Kitty trouble

Oh my goodness, Page was standing on the keyboard earlier and somehow managed to make it so that the keyboard stopped responding! It was definitely still working, but I had to hold down a key for about two seconds for it to register (it seems a lot longer when you're waiting). We had no idea what she'd done, and it was nearly impossible to search without using the we did a system restore, and now it's all better. Whew.

Today has been an interesting day. We meant to get more work done, but we also had to do laundry, and stuff happened and complicated our schedule to the point where we decided to just keep watching Space Brothers. It was a pretty nice afternoon, actually, but we're worried that we'll pay for it big time next week. After that, we went to Target and got a fancy carrying case for our iPad. Mom bought herself a copy of Kingdom Hearts re:coded. Bwahahaha...

I think that's all I have to say today. Today I'm thankful for system restorations, having a fancy new carrying case for our iPad, getting to watch lots of Space Brothers, having some brownies from Fresh & Easy to look forward to, and the super adorable kitty on our calendar for May.