April 30th, 2013


Happy our birthday!

We actually started writing up a post yesterday, but then the call came and it was time to go off to dinner. We were booked for the rest of the night, so the entry went unfinished. But LJ saved it all, so it's still there! Cue the flashback music!

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Tadah! When we went to our usual place for dinner, the cow was there, but Logan didn't come with us, so I was sad that they wouldn't get to make up after last time. But the cow did greet us enthusiastically, so we assume it wasn't too shaken up by Logan's trauma. We didn't ask for free cookies, but they were celebrating their new menu (with fancy salads), so they had a prize wheel thingie, and when I was waiting to order, one of the employees suggested I try to win some free cookies, so I did...and I got one free cookie! Yay! I also got a free lemonade. It was supposed to be one spin per person, but when the guy at the wheel said so, the other employee said it's okay I have a twin, and so I spun twice. Athena wasn't too broken up about not getting to spin herself.

After dinner, we went to Home Evening Group, where someone had baked us a birthday cake! Awww! (Oh, but first, we went to Mom's house for Family Home Evening, and somehow things led to them showing us the recent episode of the Big Bang Theory about the compulsive need for closure, which is why I thought it was extra appropriate to leave yesterday's entry exactly as it was when we left it.)

As for today...we're really not sure what to do with ourselves. We spent a good chunk of time figuring out the logistics of our trip this weekend--we're going down to Burbank to attend a D23 tour of the Walt Disney Studios! We're pretty excited, especially now that we're not completely baffled as to how we're going to get around.

That last sentence in yesterday's entry was going to be, "Tomorrow we might take the day off." We really are taking the day off, but we're not sure it's the best idea. We have a little too much work to do to justify it, and this morning we got an email with a short little rush job. We need to finish it by Monday, which would definitely not be a problem if we weren't about to start another big project, and if we were going to be here on Saturday (to work if we have to). Well...this will be an interesting week.

We also went to the store to buy soap, and we bought some goodies, like chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels. So we're spoiling ourselves a little.

Oh right! At dinner last night, Kingdom Hearts came up, and Steve said he'd been meaning to ask--is it really a big thing, or did we just make that up? He'd never heard of it before, so obviously it must be incredibly niche. So those of you who understand, would you please comment and let him know that it's a big thing? (For crying out loud, when were we ever the types to exaggerate the popularity of something? We exaggerate the awesomeness of stuff all the time, but we don't like to presume we know what other people like.)

And now we...'ll probably work on the rush thing for a little bit before going off and having some fun. Today I'm thankful for having several possible good ideas for how to get around Burbank this weekend, all the birthday wishes we're getting, winning free cookies, getting to watch Psych last night, and people being kind enough to make cake for us.