April 28th, 2013


Snow White vs Snow White

Okay, so this is actually perfect because we're thinking we'll be gone for most of the day tomorrow (by which I mean after we wake up), but what happened is this. Remember my post asking about strong and weak traits? I specifically asked about Snow White in the 1937 Disney movie versus Snow White in Once Upon A Time, and baranoneko was kind enough to give us a thoughtful response. We thought it made for such fascinating discussion that I was planning to post it here anyway, but then when I wrote up our response to her comment, it turned out to be waaay over the LJ comment character limit, so...yeah.

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Okay, so most of our thing defends Disney's Snow White in reference to the points brought up in the first comment, without a whole lot of detail on why we think she's strong. For that, we would like to refer you to this post.

I'll come back tomorrow and update with our gratitude list.

EDIT: Gratitude list! Today I'm thankful for getting to eat lots of pancakes, being informed that someone thinks we're cute, getting to eat Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, getting to watch more of The Weekenders, and getting to take home the leftovers.