April 25th, 2013

kid flash

Busy busy busy

Man, this week has been busy! Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy. ...Although I guess technically watching Once Upon A Time and Castle doesn't really count as being busy. We take our viewing habits seriously, I guess.

Yesterday we ended up working late because we started late. Celeste's fiance was coming over to get calligraphed invitation envelopes, and Athena wanted to be done with the whole thing, so instead of working, we started with that. After work, we had been invited to visit a friend, and since it was already pretty late, we went ahead and did that without bothering to update LJ. And now here we are.

The only real downside to all this busyness is we haven't been able to play Kingdom Hearts all week! But it's looking like we'll get to play some tonight.

Anyway. We're still digging the World Wildlife Fund's free app. It's funny, because each animal's story has a title that's a noun relating to that animal, like Charisma for pandas and Solitude for tigers. The snow leopard's story is Rarity. Bwahahaha! ...I'm actually not sure why that's so funny, except for the connection to My Little Pony, which I guess is funny in and of itself...maybe... I bet Rarity likes snow leopards. But I like the app because not only does it mention threats to endangered species, it tells us what we as normal citizens can do to help them! We were also a little relieved that the tiger story didn't mention anything about palm oil (because we are not very good at avoiding it. It's in Pocky!). Instead, it says that a lot of the deforestation endangering tigers is because of paper, so we should make sure to by paper products made of 100% recycled paper.

And thus I have discovered the cruel irony behind the World Wildlife Fund's free app. I was thinking about how cool it was, and how maybe we would go ahead and make some origami tigers, but first we'd need to get some...paper. Well, shoot.

But they probably make recycled origami paper, right?

Today I'm thankful for finally having groceries, finishing the translation we were working on, finishing all the calligraphy, the hope of getting to play Kingdom Hearts in the near future, and getting to watch anime with a friend last night.