April 13th, 2013


Making sense(?)

We finally wrote our tax checks today. It's not pretty. That's what we get for not paying all of our estimates.

Aaaanyway. We noticed a review of Nabari no Ou...what was it? Thirteen? It was the second-to-last volume. But the point is, it's been out for a while now (we've had a couple of comp copies for a while now, too, but we never know when we get those in relation to release dates--sometimes we get them early, sometimes late, sometimes right around the release date), which means people have read it and we can talk about it. The main thing is I wanted to bring it up around the same time we saw Brave, because both of them have this problem in that they seem to assume that their audiences will just go along with whatever they say, because obviously we all think the same way.

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Anyway, the point is, you have to realize that not everybody is in your head, so you have to explain stuff or it won't make sense. If the point is for it not to make sense, that's one thing, but...see, we had a friend who was writing a story, and we'd read it and say, "So, um, this part didn't make a whole lot of sense..." and her replies basically boiled down to, "Oh, that's just because you're not in my head! But if you're in my head like the rest of my readers, it'll be fine." So we just had to have faith that it would all make sense by the end, but it was never finished.

Right, and somehow that was all supposed to tie in to Brave. In Brave, it seems like the filmmakers assume that the entire audience will understand everything Merida is feeling, and will sympathize with her automatically, so when Elinor decides that yes, Merida was right after all, there didn't need to be any logical progression to that point, because everybody already knew all along that Merida was right. And we were like, "Um...why does she think Merida was right again?"

So the other point is, since not everybody automatically thinks the same way, it's important to consider these facts and try to communicate properly so we can all be on the same page. ...Or something.

Today I'm thankful for getting to check out some new anime, Mizusawa finally finally finally being done with that match against the girls' school in Chihayafuru, the super cute little sparrow on the tree outside, being done with laundry, and finally remembering to watch some more Space Brothers.