April 8th, 2013


More on Host Quiz

We've been meaning to talk a little more about our Host Club quiz, but stuff just kept popping up. Today, stuff didn't pop up, so! more on the Host Quiz. First of all, lyschan was kind enough to search the internet for all the character descriptions we wrote up. I thought about just posting the images, but I think everybody's seen what the characters look like, and the pictures weren't anything special (just stolen from the official Japanese Host Club homepage), so we'll just go with the text.

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Second, there was a pretty interesting follow-up story to when we posted the Host Quiz on the internet for all to see. We got an email from a quiz-taker who was incensed (incensed!) that we just grouped Hikaru and Kaoru together. Don't we know that they're both individuals! Just because they're twins doesn't mean they're the same person! How could you!

...It may not have been that excited. But we thought it was pretty cute, and highly amusing. We were happy to see people standing up for twins, and we thanked her for her email. We also explained that, as identical twins ourselves, we totally understand where she's coming from, but in this particular quiz, all of their answers would have been the same anyway. The thing about twins is while they are two different people, sometimes (like with us and the Hitachiins) they really do have a lot in common. We suggested that maybe someday we would make a "Which Hitachiin are you?" quiz...but we never got around to it, mainly because we wanted to read the manga first (make sure we had as clear an idea of the characters as we could get) and we had other things to do. And then we forgot about it, and there you have it. It would take some time to figure out what kind of a scenario would have them acting differently...or maybe it wouldn't, because we'd just have to separate them. Hmmm...

Well, we might think about it.

Today I'm thankful for people who understand that just because they're twins doesn't mean they're the same person, the super cute puppy and kitty on our calendar for April, finishing work today in time to do stuff before going out, getting to read manga yesterday, and having plans to play a lot of Kingdom Hearts tomorrow.