April 5th, 2013


Decisions, decisions

I'm not sure what order I want to do things in. I'm just so confused. We finished our regular workday and stopped for a snack, so we were discussing whether we should keep going or call it a day like usual. It is Friday, after all, but we're expecting Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix to show up any day now, and we want a nice big chunk of time to play it in.

We're not going to have any time to play it this weekend, because it's General Conference (yay!), and we have plans for Saturday evening, and we just don't play video games on Sunday. If we keep working today, we'll have that much more time to play it on Monday, but we don't know what the plans are for Monday, so we might have to cut things short. After all is said and done, it was starting to look like we might as well just not even consider Kingdom Hearts an option until Tuesday, especially since we figured it probably won't come until tomorrow anyway.

As we were discussing this very thing, we heard a sound outside the front door. We thought, "Is that...?" So I opened the door, and lo and behold, there on the mat was a box from Play Asia. Well, shoot.

And now we can't decide if we should just drop everything and play!, or if we should wait until Tuesday after all. But now that I type it out like that, it seems kind of silly to wait until Tuesday. And since it won't affect when we turn in our current translation, there you have it! Whew, I'm glad we figured that one out.

Today I'm thankful for our shiny new game finally finally finally arriving, having a significant chunk of time today to start playing, having figured out what to do about our schedule, plans to order pizza tonight, and lyschan finding all our Host Quiz character descriptions. Maybe I'll post them later.

PS: It's our LiveJournal's birthday today! We've been blogging for eight years now! Whoa!