March 30th, 2013


Back to the zoo!

After all our zoo pictures yesterday, Steve took us to the grocery store, and on the way there, he said, "The otters are in at the zoo." So we immediately called Sarah, who had apparently already been thinking about inviting us all to go to the zoo anyway, and so this morning we went! The only drawback was that we had to wake up early on a Saturday, which we were not planning to do, and now we don't know when we're going to sleep in, because we have Work to Do next week. Maybe we'll sleep in just a little.

Anyway, the adventure started this morning! And we went to the zoo, we saw all the animals, and we went home. The end! Tadah!

We didn't actually see all the animals, and of course there's more to it than that. There were some interesting things that happened, but I'm not sure I can remember them all. Of course we saw the otters, and they were super cute, but there were always a bunch of people around getting in the way of our otter stalking. We're going to have to go back when they're not so new.

The bird show! We finally got to see the bird show! ...Not that we've been waiting all that long, but we were planning to watch it last time, and the only show happened after people were too tired to stay and watch it, so we didn't. But this time we did! And it was great! Of course they did the trick that they do in every bird show I've ever seen, where they have the bird fly up to an audience member and take a dollar from them, and then the trainer takes the dollar and puts it in his/her pocket, but this time there was a little twist, in that when the trainer asked the kid if he wanted his dollar back, the kid shook his head no. So the trainer had to say, "The correct answer is yes," and then they continued with the joke, like always, telling the kid to flap his arms, fly down, and get it. And then they gave the dollar back (via the bird).

They also had a couple of talking parrots, which they did in a really cool way. They had each parrot take turns mimicking a farm animal, and then when they mentioned cats, they asked one parrot to call for a cat, and he said, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" Then they asked the other parrot if it worked, and she said, "I thought I saw a pussy cat!" (She may or may not have had the Tweety Bird lisp; it's hard to tell with parrots.)

There was a bunch of other cool stuff, but we decided not to take any pictures during the show, because then I wouldn't have been able to enjoy it as much due to distraction. Next time, I think I'll volunteer to have the owl fly in my face. That's a cool photo op.

Also! one of the trainers in the show was the guy Gaston had very nearly convinced to be LeFou for us in our Beauty and the Beast cosplay group. He might have recognized us if we said hi after the show, but we were too busy taking pictures of Logan with the super awesome hawk and the super awesome owl.

The other main thing I remember is that, what with the llamas at the petting zoo and the grizzly bear exhibit, of course we were singing Polar Bear Cafe songs during a lot of our visit. Usually the rest of our party ignored us, but as we were walking along the long path one must take to fully observe the sea lions, we were singing the last opening theme song, and it seemed to catch Logan's attention, because he looked around like, "What was that?" and then did his sign language for "again." Aww, he liked it! But then we couldn't figure out where we were starting, so we were out of sync and it didn't work and he didn't seem to care anymore. Oh well. I consider it a triumph that we had Sarah singing the Llama Mambo as she buckled Logan into his seat on the way home.

Now I'm trying to remember if there's anything else I need to mention. ...Most of it seems to be items that would be better covered when I post the pictures, so they'll have to wait. We did go into the tropical rainforest aviary again to see if we could find out what that one bird was called. We couldn't find it in the enclosure to compare to the picture on the sign, but we were pretty sure it was... See, here's the thing. We found out what it was, and we said it a few times, and I was like, "Great! Now we remember!" And on the way out of the zoo, I was reviewing, and I realized that I don't really remember. So I asked Athena, and she doesn't remember, either. I think it was a gray-backed something. But it might not be that. I'm pretty sure it had gray in it, though. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the zoo again, getting a super adorable picture of Logan at the Dino Dig area, being there for our sister when she needed to call and vent, getting Sarah to sing the Llama Mambo, and Logan liking our singing (we think).