March 19th, 2013


Nephew adorableness strikes again

Oh my goodness, yesterday was so cute. We were invited out to eat with Mom and Steve, and it was right about when Steve showed up to get us that Sarah called, asking if she could go to Mom's house because Logan was crying, utterly distraught at the possibility that he would not get to leave his apartment. (He knows a whole sentence now! "Let's go!" His mother tells us he can also say, "I want that," but when Athena heard it, it sounded more like, "Iun tha!" or sometimes more like, "Iun da!")

So of course Steve told Sarah to take Logan with her and join us. She didn't know there were plans to go out to eat, or she would never have accepted, but now she was trapped! Wa ha ha ha ha! (Not that we were trying to trap her, but now that the deed's been done, what can ya do but laugh maniacally?) So we took her and the boy to the restaurant with us, and last night happened to be one of the nights where the mascot cow was out wandering around. (Not a real cow--somebody in a costume. A real cow would be interesting, though.) Logan could not take his eyes off of it (except, interestingly enough, for when I took a picture with him and the cow (and Mom and Steve)).

Sarah reminded us of the time we went to Costco and they had the giraffe wandering around for some children's hospital, and how he was definitely interested in the giraffe, but when it came his turn to talk to the giraffe, he was a little too timid. This time was better, but he was still shy. He managed to high-five the cow, and then, since it's not like we had the cow engaged in any riveting conversation, the cow moved on to greet other guests. But Logan just kept watching it. After we ordered (instead of waiting for our food (at a fastfood place)), Mom took Logan to the play place, and he still kept staring at that cow. When we brought him to our table, we saw the cow making the rounds again, and Sarah easily got Logan to sit quietly by telling him he had to if he wanted the cow to come over. When the cow came by, they high-fived again, and Logan pointed to Mom's soup...the only thing we can figure (in our doting aunt minds) is that he liked the soup a lot, and wanted to share it with the cow. Athena suggests this might come from his habit of sharing whipped cream with the dog at his other grandparents' house.

When the cow left, Logan stared after it (as expected), and pointed at it determinedly, all the while saying, "Moo!" (He pronounces moo with his lips closed, so it sounds more like, "Mmmm!" but still definitely the sound a cow makes. Athena says he might have almost been saying "cow" by the end of the night, but we're not sure. She thinks she heard him say "ca" once or twice.) It was just too adorable. And when the cow had disappeared into the breakroom or wherever the cow disappeared to, Logan kept looking around, trying to find it.

And we thought to ourselves, "We gotta get this kid to Disneyland." (Actually, it's thoughts of Sarah and her children that make us so frustrated about Disneyland's price hike last year. While we're very glad that her husband is practical and doesn't fritter money away on frivolous trips to Disneyland...we really want her kids to see Disneyland!)

Today I'm thankful for getting a half dozen of those super yummy chocolate chip cookies, Logan getting to see that cow, getting to see Logan see the cow, having time to do some reading today, and Missions Mode in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.