March 14th, 2013



I guess the big manga news today is that JManga is shutting down. I don't know what it says about me as a manga fan that this news doesn't seem to affect me much. There is one thing, though, and that's that it looks like we won't get to finish translating Hockey Club after all. Did volumes nine and ten ever make it up to the site? (We don't even bother checking. I don't know what that says about us, either.)

In other news, Disneyland. Sigh. It just keeps tugging at us. This morning they had a thing on the Parks Blog about how they're going to be celebrating Greece at the end of May. We saw the blog entry's title and thought, "Wha...? That's random." We figure one of the higher-up types recently went to Greece and fell in love with it. I do enjoy Mediterranean climates. Still, despite our Greek names, we probably wouldn't care so much...if not for one thing. They're going to have Olympic Training with Hercules outside the It's A Small World! Hercules!! He's always been our favorite since he existed!! Although recently not so much, for reasons that we will not go into. Still! Hercules!!

Not that it matters too much, since we don't have annual passes.

The other thing tugging at us is the new Fantasy Faire that just opened. I mean, when there's a change at Disneyland that big, we have to go check it out! It's just a thing. It's hard, though. We're tired of being tired of Disneyland, but we're still tired of Disneyland. And it's not even Disneyland's fault, really. It's the fault of certain people who run Disneyland. And the people who worked on the Fantasy Faire seem so proud of it! And the new shows they have look cute! ...On the other hand, there's the princess thing. I think I feel the same way about Disney princesses that I do about Disneyland, only more complex, because I really want to defend them, too.

Anyway. We have a theory as to the real reason for the princesses' makeovers. It's pure speculation of course. But before the makeovers, there wasn't a single Hispanic princess. There still aren't any Hispanic princesses, but now Belle looks like she could be one. Her new wig (we've seen a couple of videos because of the Fantasy Faire thing) is a lot curlier, too. I have mixed feelings about this theory, because on the one hand, I think of when we were growing up, and how everything we watched was about bears or ducks or rodents or ponies or whatever the Warners are (Animaniacs), and I'm like, "Who cares if your favorite cartoons don't look like you?" On the other hand, I picture a little Hispanic girl looking at the princess pantheon and asking, "Why don't any of them look like me?" and my heart goes out to her.

Still, I'm not sure I like the idea of reassigning racial identity...which they didn't really--they just blurred the lines a little. But more importantly, I think it would be way more awesome if they just made a new movie. If they make it awesome like Tangled, people will see it. ...Maybe someday.

Today I'm thankful for feeling like we're doing a really good job on this Fairy Tail translation, the tasty pita chips we just snacked on, having time to work today (instead of going to counseling, which is what we usually do on Thursdays), having Late Night Snack ice cream to look forward to, and the latest ending sequence to Polar Bear Cafe (oh yeah! new episode today!).