March 13th, 2013


This and that

Oh my goodness. The extras in this volume of Fairy Tail took forever to translate! Aaaaaaaugh! I wonder if that's a common thing or not. We were hoping to have started work editing today, but we only just finished translating! (Okay, so we finished translating and then we took an online survey about telecommunications, but you get the idea.)

That being the case, today has been busy, but with only three things. Work, random internet surveys, and a trip to the store because we were out of toothpaste and tissues. Also, since Easter is coming up, we were hoping to get some of those amazing lemon cookies we bought last year, but they didn't seem to have any yet. At least we're really hoping it's a "yet" kind of situation. That reminds me, apparently Girl Scouts sell cookies over the internet now. We should see about that...

(ETA: Girl Scout Cookies have a website, but you can't buy them online. I guess that makes sense, since the whole point is to teach girls life skills through selling cookies, and if they just had a website, that wouldn't really work. Oh well. If only we could find some way to get some Girl Scouts to come to our apartment... If we had smart phones, we could find out when and where they're selling... Arrrrgh!! Girl Scout Cookies!! It's been toooooo looooooonnnng!!)

We went to Chick-Fil-A last night with Mom, Sarah, and Logan. It's Mom and Steve's favorite place to eat since they started Weight Watchers again, and we managed to get invited no less than three times in the last week and a half. But they do have tasty chicken, and we usually like to go out with people, so we don't mind the lack of variety. This time we all discovered Logan's love of soup, and that Chick-Fil-A has really good chocolate chip cookies.

And in other news, we just postponed Athena's jury duty. She got the summons a while ago, and it's really handy, because you can just check the website to see if you need to go in! Only we forgot to check on Sunday and Monday, because Dad was in town, and we forgot. We have the summons posted on the wall as a reminder, but it's by the computer, and we weren't at the computer very much over the weekend. But yesterday it said they didn't need her, check back tomorrow, so we checked, and it told her to come in tomorrow morning. That wasn't really working for us or for our ride, so we postponed it! Ha! ...And now we'll be checking back sometime in June.

Today I'm thankful for being finished with our first draft of that volume, the super yummy cookies they have at Chick-Fil-A, remembering to check online for Girl Scout Cookies (that's our next stop!), remembering to check for jury duty, and the government letting us postpone it.