March 8th, 2013


Adventures in Babysitting Part II

This entire week has been one of altered plans. Today, the plan was to finally get back to work. Instead, we babysat Logan and did chores. I was thinking about it and realized that if we had decided to get to work after Logan left, we would probably only be about an hour behind schedule, which is pretty normal for days when we decide to sleep in, so it wouldn't have been that big a deal, but we still would have had to do the chores that we were supposed to have done yesterday. But anyway, everything's all taken care of now (except for, y'know, work), and we're all ready for Dad when he arrives. (Okay, maybe not all ready, but about as ready as we're going to be.)

Today's adventures with Logan were a lot less melancholy than the ones on Monday. This time, Sarah made sure to say goodbye to Logan before she left, and we think that helped. Athena says he did ask for her once, but that might have been because he doesn't know either of our names well enough to say them. He did try, though! We were getting ready to go for a walk around the grounds, and Athena was still taking care of a few things, so I was going to take Logan on ahead, but he doesn't like to leave people behind. So I opened the front door, and he stepped outside, then turned around and pointed inside the apartment to where Athena was, calling, "You!" (He's so smart; he's figured out that's the thing you call people that's not their name.) I said to him, "Can you say Athena?" and he said, "Na!" He even called her Na one or two more times, so I think it stuck a little.

We also discovered that Logan really loves peppermint white chocolate M&Ms. During our various adventures, Athena tried giving him one, just for the heck of it, and then she was like, "Oh no! That's just the perfect size for him to choke on it!" So she gave him a paper towel to spit it out on in case he couldn't handle it (that particular flavor of M&M is pretty strong, too), so he put the M&M on the paper towel...and tried to carry it that way, so it ended up on the floor a few times. But he ate it anyway, and then did the sign for "again," meaning he wanted another one. And that's how he decided it was time to sit down and pay attention to Sesame Street. And he'd just keep asking for M&Ms, so we kept giving them to him. (I don't think we gave him more than about sixteen. He eats them slow.) And sometimes I would put the M&M on his paper towel for him, and sometimes I would give it to him, but if I gave it to him, he would put it on the paper towel before he ate it. He's so cute.

It was especially strange for two reasons. One, his mom absolutely hated anything mint when she was little. And two, the only reason we even had those M&Ms is that Mom gave them to us around Christmas, and we can't eat them because the flavor is so strong. They'd be pretty good as an accent to some other dessert, but by themselves...whoa boy. And Logan just kept eating them like candy...which is what they are, but you get the idea. His face was pink after that. We told Sarah about it ("Apparently the kid loves peppermint M&Ms!"), and she was like, "Oh yeah." Y'know, in the way that says, "Heck yes he does," as opposed to the, "Oh yeah, I guess I knew that..." kind of way. And then Athena felt like less of a terrible person for handing the toddler an abnormally large M&M. (She doesn't really feel like a terrible person; she's more amused than anything.)

Logan also went with us to the office to pick up the packages that came yesterday from the Disney Movie Club. We finally have our Weekenders DVDs! ...Not exactly the best weekend to have gotten them, but now we have them to look forward to later. (On the other hand, Sarah enjoys the Weekenders, so if Dad doesn't mind watching them(since those are the people we'll be hanging out with this weekend)...)

And now I need to go practice the piano for the choir number we're performing on Sunday. Whew, it's been a busy week.

Today I'm thankful for having our chores done, having adventures with Logan, being available to comfort Page after her Very Stressful Morning (involving toddlers and vacuum cleaners!), still having plenty of time to meet our deadline even if we start next week, and having our very own Weekenders DVDs.