March 4th, 2013

kid flash


It has been a rather exciting forty-eight hours. We did go to see Jack the Giant Slayer (we know for sure, now that we've seen it). It had a lot of things that I liked, but overall the focus on Stunning Visuals left us a little bored. There was a lot of death, too, which we didn't like so much. But I liked when Jack pointed out that princesses are not worthless, they become queens and have the power to change the world, and I also liked when the princess was surprised to find out that Jack reads, and he said, "Judging by the cover, are we?" I really think we need the "Don't judge a book by its cover" saying to come back in a big way.

We all spent a lot of the movie seeing the actors and being like, "Oh hey, that's...!" And then we saw the credits, and we were like, "...Yeah, that was Ewan McGregor!" He was kind of a main character, too. But none of us could accurately identify the actor who played Jack, and so when it was over, we asked Kimee if she knew who it was, since she's supposedly the most up on younger actors. She was also the one who was the least afraid to use her phone to look stuff up (Athena and I don't have smart phones or data plans), so after she said she didn't know who Nicolas Hoult was, she looked him up. That's how we all found out he played Beast in X-Men: First Class, and why we went to Best Buy after dinner.

Yesterday (Sunday), we had choir practice (minus the choir director, who wasn't feeling well), and then we had a meeting with the bishop to discuss what we want to do when our birthday comes around, because then we won't be classified as "young" single adults anymore, which means going to a family ward. We're still working that one out. But after that, it was off to Mom's house, where we had been invited for dinner again. We had a good time talking with everybody and eating spaghetti, and then we watched their new copy of X-Men: First Class.

While the movie was going on, Sarah called because she needed a babysitter for Logan tomorrow (by which I actually mean today, because today was tomorrow yesterday). She knew Mom couldn't do it, but could she recommend someone for Sarah to call? Since Mom was staring right at us, she said, "Why don't you try calling the twins?" I thought Mom might just ask us, but I guess she thought it would be fun to hear our phones go off or something. Unfortunately, we had both left our phones at home. I tried to tell Mom before her call with Sarah ended that Sarah would have a difficult time getting a hold of us, but to no avail. So Mom had to call Sarah back, but it went straight to voice mail, because Sarah was trying to call me. When she got my voice mail, she was about to call Mom to ask for Athena's number, but by then she had the voice mail from Mom, and we were all very amused and exasperated at the same time.

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And the eventfulness continues, because Mom and Steve agreed to let us do laundry at their house, because we have a big pile of it that we need to wash as part of our efforts to organize the spare bedroom. Dad's coming over this weekend, and he'll be needing a place to sleep. So off we go to get that ready. After we try some of those Grahamfuls ourselves.

Today I'm thankful for being able to prove to Logan that his mother hadn't disappeared, Grahamfuls, the opportunity to use non-coin-operated laundry machines, Page seeming to be ever so slightly less nervous about Logan after he pet her today, and getting to see a couple of movies over the weekend.