March 2nd, 2013


Saving the tigers?

Today is shaping up to be a pretty good day. We have plans to see Jack the Giant...Slayer? The one about Jack and the beanstalk. In about a couple of hours, and we got to watch Cuticle Detective Inaba, which is always the best. Excellent twist on the "if you think spying is so wrong, what are you doing here?" joke, bwahaha.

Earlier, we went grocery shopping, and they had all kinds of neat new things to buy! So now we have a bunch of cool new things to try (we even tried a healthier option--sweet potato chips) just in time for Fast Sunday (no food for approximately 24 hours). We have such excellent timing XD. But anyway, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch is back! They had it several years ago, and we tried it, and the first bowl was like, "Hm," but after that (you have to finish the box!), it was soooooo good, and we were really eager to get some more! But by the time we could afford it, it had vanished completely! But now it's back again! But if it has a different recipe, it might not be as good. But it might be anyway, because when you age, your tastes change. But if that happened and it's the same recipe, we might not like it anymore! Oh no! ...We're sure it will be fine.

Anyway, grocery shopping has gotten to be a little bit...or a lot harder these days, because remember when we went to the zoo? We watched the presentation on tigers, and it was so cute watching the tiger work for its raw hamburger, but while we watched, the zookeeper told us all kinds of tiger facts, including the one about how the tiger's greatest enemy these days is palm oil.

...And in our quest to get more information, we went on a detour to the World Wildlife Fund's website, and oh my goodness, all the cute animals to adopt! We want to adopt a tiger and a snow leopard. And a wolverine for Logan. But he wouldn't appreciate it until he's a little older, so I guess we'll save our money. They have a "trio of cubs" adoption kit, which looks like it has a tiger, a cheetah, and some kind of leopard that might be snow, but it's kind of hard to tell, and it doesn't say anywhere in the description!

Anyway, according to the zookeeper, they clear out the forest to plant oil palms, and it takes them seven years to mature, and once they've harvested everything, the field is barren and nothing else can be planted for like thirty years. So we were like, "Gasp! That's terrible! We're never buying anything with palm oil again!" And of course everything we eat contains palm oil. Not really, but really close to everything. So we had to find alternatives, and it wasn't easy.

On the other hand, realizing that it's always important to check facts, we went to Wikipedia, and it said that oil palms start yielding fruit after three to six years, and they yield fruit for a few years at least, so we're kind of confused about the whole thing (though of course thirty years is a lot longer than "a few"). But it did say the deforestation is a big concern in relation to palm oil, but! the World Wildlife Fund (now you see where the long detour came from) is working with companies to develop sustainable palm oil...crops? Anyway, the point is, apparently there is more environmentally friendly palm oil, and some companies have already agreed to use it! So we might not have to stop eating our beloved Freschetta pizza after all, but of course we have to check.

The point is, the whole thing is going to require a little more research, but be careful of stuff with palm oil in it, because we want to save the tigers! (In the mean time, we're eating Digiorno. It's not delivery.)

Today I'm thankful for having plans to see the movie with Jack and the beanstalk, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, another great episode of Cuticle Detective Inaba, super adorable animal adoption kits from the World Wildlife Fund (we've been trying to stop splurging, so we may have to wait to actually adopt anything...those wolverines are so cute, though!), and finding stuff that doesn't have palm oil to eat while we take our time researching what's okay and what's not.