February 28th, 2013


I don't know Jack

We came home from counseling today and decided it was time to watch Polar Bear Cafe. It was a great episode, and even had Akira Ishida in it! Yay! And then we thought about having snacktime, but it's a little early, and we have Thursday Night Activity tonight, which means dinner will be a little late (or possibly even really late), so we thought about watching another episode of anime. But then we were like, "We just watched Polar Bear Cafe. Why would we want to watch anything else?" So we decided to update LiveJournal instead. Tadah!

The only problem is I'm not sure what to update about, but I don't think that will change if we wait to update until later. So let's see...

On the way home from counseling, we mentioned to Mom that we need to go grocery shopping soon, and so she mentioned that Jack the Giant-Killer comes out this weekend. The two things aren't quite as disconnected as they might seem, because it's not uncommon for us to do stuff with Mom and Steve on a weekend and then do our grocery shopping while we're at it. And the fact that Mom brought up the movie in relation to grocery shopping means that we might actually get to see a movie! That, like, never happens! So we're tentatively excited. Mom said she'd call.

We actually haven't seen any kind of promotional material for Jack the Giant-Killer whatsoever, to the point where I'm not even sure I'm getting the title right exactly. (Too lazy to Google it.) But we like fairy tales. I guess the previews would probably say something in answer to this, but the whole Jack and the Beanstalk story is kind of controversial, so I'm curious as to whether they'll go with the "Jack's an evil home-wrecker" angle, or if they'll do like Mickey and the Beanstalk and make the giant more of an antagonist.

...And that has us back on the whole Jacob thing. We were thinking of a certain popular TV series that made the giant killer female, naming her either Jacqueline or Jacklyn or something with Jack and lin. So we were like, "Well, Jack the Giant-Killer is an English fairy tale, so what would the English female variant of Jack be?" Athena's first guess was Jean, because she had some idea that she can't trace the origins of that Jack was a form of John. But now she's thinking in that case it would probably be Joan. ThinkBabyNames.com says that Jack could be from John, or from Jacques, but we didn't look it up until just now, after thinking it probably actually comes from Jacob. So we looked up the feminine form of James, as per our discussion...when did we have that discussion? Two days ago? Yes. Two days ago. About James and Jacob being the same name. And the female version of James, apparently, is Jamesina. (Or you could go with Jemma, from Jem, a nickname for James.)

But, since France and England were really tight for a while in the Middle Ages, to the point where English got a lot of its vocab from French, then Jacklyn is probably English enough.

...We are fascinated by languages.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch another great episode of Polar Bear Cafe, having an indoor cat (Mom was telling us about the tortured groans of the bird her cat was killing this morning), the ease of looking things up on the internet, having a bag of pita chips waiting to be eaten, and CD Japan having already shipped our order!