February 21st, 2013



Today has been fairly uneventful, so maybe I should finally talk about the Christmas gift we got for Aurora. Did I ever talk about that on LJ? We think I didn't, because we were waiting to see if we'd get a response from her. We never did, but that might be for the best, because it's possible she hates it and thinks it's a blight on humanity. We knew there was a risk when we ordered it, but we had to. See, right around the time we were trying to figure out what to get Aurora for Christmas, we heard about a book released in Japan that featured world dictators portrayed as women. Since Aurora runs a blog and a podcast that she calls Weekly Dictator, and she likes zany things, we figured it would be perfect! If it wasn't too horribly sexist...which it might have been.

There was another problem with the book in that it only existed in Japanese, and there wasn't any possible chance we'd translate the whole thing in time to get it to her for Christmas. Most of the text consisted of encyclopedic biographies of the dictators, and encyclopedias aren't exactly the easiest things to translate. But we figured Aurora (who works at a library) could get all that information on her own, and so instead we went through the whole book and translated the captions for the pictures, so that she'd at least know who they were pictures of, and why they were drawn the way they were. It was kind of a treat for ourselves, too, because it was funny and informative. That's also how we know exactly what kind of pictures were in there, and while some of them were really very cute, others of them were...well, let's just say there was plenty of fan service. The picture of Eva Peron would have been super cute, if only her outfit hadn't been so tight around the chest...

But it really was pretty fun. For example, there was a South American dictator (I think his name was Stroessner) who was convinced that he was the reincarnation of Emperor Meiji, and he loved all things Japan. In the illustration, the female version of him had hair styled after Sailor Moon's...because even in Japan, they know that gaijin Japanophiles are obsessed with Sailor Moon. There was also a dictator who had studied medicine and voodoo, so he was illustrated as a witch doctor...wearing a pointy hat, a lab coat, and a stethoscope. At least, we sort of remember a stethoscope. We worked on this thing two whole months ago.

And I think that's about all I remember wanting to say. I think the book was designed to help teenage boys who are studying for entrance exams, and make the process a little more interesting. I know I was entertained.

Today I'm thankful for edutainment, the highly amusing fact that the word "edutainment" is in Chrome's dictionary, Polar Bear Cafe being funny again, having a ride to the temple for ward temple night tonight, and friendly temple workers.