February 15th, 2013



So...stuff. Right, now that Missions of Love 2 has been out for a while, we can probably talk about it without spoiling too much stuff. Some of you might remember several months back when we were going off on another rant about how it's not necessarily lazy translating to leave Japanese name honorifics in an English translation, because sometimes they just don't translate. We had to bite our tongues (metaphorically) when writing that, because Missions of Love is such a great example of how the use of honorifics by certain characters in relation to other characters shows relationship dynamics that can't really be translated by saying, "An American speaker would just do it like this." People who say it's lazy translating say that there's always a way to show those dynamics without leaving in things like -san, but that's not true, because you always have to be careful when using the word "always."

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Have we ever mentioned that one of the interesting differences between Disneyland California and Tokyo Disneyland is the cast members' name tags? In California, all the name tags have the cast member's given name, because that's what we call people we're on friendly terms with in America. But in Japan, all the name tags have the cast member's surname, because it's (usually) very impolite to call someone by their given name when you don't know them at all.

Today I'm thankful for getting through another happy(?) volume of Missions of Love, getting to have lots of interesting conversation last night, being reminded how grateful I am to have the standards I have in my life, having plans to order cute little mini pizzas tonight, and not having to take home all the leftover cookies (there were about a million of them).