February 14th, 2013


Valentine's Day

Sometimes our busiest days are the ones when we don't get any "work" work done. We're even busy right now! Because we agreed to bake some sugar cookies for the decorating activity we're having tonight.

This is shaping up to be a pretty nice Valentine's Day. When we left to go to counseling, we found chocolate roses on our doorstep! They were from the Elders Quorum. And then when we got in Mom's car to go, she gave us the chocolates that Sarah got for us. Awww! It's nice to get reminders that people care, even if it is all giri chocolate. It does take a certain amount of thought even to provide giri chocolate, after all.

So we're baking cookies for this Valentine's Day cookie decorating activity, and when they asked people to volunteer, they said if you want to use store-bought cookie dough, that's okay, but be careful what kind of dough you use, because sometimes they turn out lumpy, and you can't frost them. That didn't make any sense to us, because you can totally frost a lumpy chocolate chip cookie, or a lumpy snickerdoodle, or a lumpy sugar cookie. It just might take a little more effort, that's all.

That's okay, though, because flatter ones are prettier anyway, so our idea was to get a roll of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and slice it! But when we went to the grocery store on Tuesday...I don't even know what was going on, but it was weird. There was plenty of chocolate chip that we might have been able to obtain without incident, but not the sugar cookie dough. It's like it exploded or something. All the rolls were covered with dough! It doesn't really seem like that big of a problem, since the idea is that you want cookie dough, but if it's outside of the packaging making everything sticky, as well as being exposed to all kinds of contamination...not so much.

So we made a mental note to go to Fresh & Easy and buy some cookie dough today (we couldn't yesterday because we had to be available for questers), and that's what we did! But they only had the Fresh & Easy brand sugar cookie dough, which comes in pucks. They're kind of like...UFO shaped bits of cookie dough. Like, roundish, but peaked on either "flat" side. We've had them before, and they do tend to be lumpy (not to the point of being unfrostable, but still). So before we put them in the oven, we took a bowl...and we smashed the cookies! Ha! And now we're waiting for them to cook, so we don't know how it will turn out, but we've done what we can.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely chocolates we received for Valentine's Day, finally getting to read about Moriarty, yesterday's quest not being as stressful as it was imagined to be, Fresh & Easy having sugar cookie dough at all, and Nathan Fillion's Valentine application thingie.