February 12th, 2013



We did some work today! Not that it's very important; I just thought maybe I should point out that we do still have some professional work to do. And ideally once we turn it in, we'll get more professional work to do. And it's important to us anyway, because we really like Missions of Love! Although it's been kind of hard to work on, because we keep coming across negative reviews, and those things bring motivation down like nothing else. We just tell ourselves that people have different tastes and that's okay. And on the one hand, volume two made it to the bestseller list, but on the other hand, I always knew that people who were reading just for the Yukina/Shigure blackmail battle would be disappointed pretty early on, and if all those people bought volume two for that...they might not be buying volume three. (Although they might still like the series if they continue to give it a chance. And Mami shows up in volume three! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but we like her pretty well. She looks just like Yuuta from Cuticle Detective Inaba.)

Anyway, more importantly, we found out this morning that apparently The Weekenders is on DVD! (Disney Movie Club exclusive, it would seem.) We would order it right now except we might be leaving for Chick-Fil-A soon (Mom and Steve showed up as we were trying to come up with a fifth thing to be thankful for). But oh my goodness, The Weekenders! We kind of heard about it when it was first on the air, but we ignored it because we thought it was a wannabe Recess. Then after we graduated college, it was on Toon Disney, so we caught an episode and it's so funny! The main line I remember is when one of the kids is trying to get into a museum exhibit, but there's a guy outside who won't let him because it's not for kids or something like that, and the kid says something about his friend Mr. Washington, and the guy is like, "You want to bribe me...with a dollar?" And the kid says, "Actually, it was a quarter." (It sounded way better than I remembered it.) Oh man, good times.

We really regret not watching it when ratings counted...not that we would have counted anyway. Do they still do the Nielsen family thing, or do they just count everybody now that everything's gone digital? It doesn't matter, though, because if it originally aired when we were in the dorms, we couldn't have watched it, because the dorms didn't have cable, and those were in the days before Hulu. ...That makes me feel old.

Today I'm thankful for having professional work to do, The Weekenders on DVD!!, Mom and Steve taking us out to Chick-Fil-A, having confirmed that all the books we ordered from Barnes & Noble were in fact the books we ordered (the cover to the Rescuers is simultaneously adorable and hilarious, but sadly it's just the one book), and finally getting to hear the Koe no Ouji-samas sing It's A Small World.