February 11th, 2013


Not so busy day

We're finally all back in shape and ready to get to work today...only we don't really have much work to do. So we decided to finish that 1001 Knights translation we started a couple weeks back (turns out we only had to translate practically the next page to figure out the whole reincarnation thing). We had about fifty pages to translate, and we finished them in about half an hour, but we still had our (hour-long) CD going, and so we went to Twitter to kill time.

At Twitter, there was a tweet from Disneyland or somewhere like that, repeating something that had been said on the Parks Blog this morning about how the Carthay thingie in California Adventure is 12.5 feet taller than Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland. That kind of irked me a little bit, because first it was like they're trying to show off how their fancy new thing is sooo much better than that old thing, and we like that old thing.

And second because I remember reading in Neil Gabler's biography of Walt Disney that, while all the famous landmarks made in the past--the Great Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, etc.--were made to be enormous and intimidating and to show off how powerful the people who commissioned them were, Disneyland was just the opposite. The buildings were specifically made smaller (using forced perspective) to create a non-intimidating, welcoming feeling. If Imagineers are showing off how much bigger their new buildings are, it seems like they're missing the point. Or worse, they're starting to want to make Disneyland into a more exclusive, less welcoming club...and it kind of seems like they might be, the way they're pushing annual passports. Sigh.

In happier news, we signed up for accounts at Lumosity.com! Sarah told us about it a while ago, and today we finally got around to checking it out. It's a neat website with brain training games, and we love brain training games! They had one where you had to spot a bird and remember where it was, and if you got it right, you got a piece of a bird picture to add to your bird album! It's super fun! The only problem with it is the games are so short that all the fun is over in no time! That's actually probably a good thing, so that you can actually have time to do the exercises every day, but as previously stated, we don't have a whole lot else to do currently. I'm tempted to go order a Brain Age game or two...

Speaking of non-professional translations...do you guys really read them? I mean, we understand time constraints and everything, but it seems like most of the time nobody really reacts or reviews or anything. Maybe most of them were just so long ago we don't remember... But if you guys don't react after reading it, then we don't know if you read it, and then we don't know if our effort meant anything. Does that sound whiny? I'm sorry; we don't want to whine (at least not on LJ). We just need to know these things when we're trying to decide how best to use our days off, and whether or not we should use them to, say, translate Warau Kanoko-sama 3.

Today I'm thankful for fun brain training games at Lumosity.com, getting to watch Rascal last night, cute baby raccoons, confirmation that despite the lack of "raccoons" in Chrome's spell check dictionary we didn't spell it wrong, and having had time to read Sherlock Holmes/Durarara!! today.