February 9th, 2013


You know. The thing.

We decided that we want the most recently featured Featured Title from the Disney Movie Club, so we went on over to the website and ordered it, along with Disney's old Treasure Island movie. A few hours later, Athena says, "I'm excited for the new Disney movies we ordered♪" Then she started reprimanding herself, because we still have five new(ish) Disney movies sitting on the living room floor unwatched, and I said, "Yes, we were excited to get those, too. And now we have them." Apparently it's more about having the option to watch the movie than about actually watching the movie. Who has the time for that anyway? (If anyone has the time for that, it's probably us, actually.)

Anyway, I was going to talk about the thing. See, we were on our way to the store (we had been walking for maybe thirty seconds) when my phone started ringing. Mom and Steve were on their way to our apartment to drop off the thing. It was something they got everybody for Christmas, except that the things didn't come in time for Christmas, so I guess we all got them today. We'll say it's an early Valentine's Day gift or something. But it's part of Mom and Steve's Emergency Preparedness Series, and it's pretty awesome.

What it is is a hand radio, including AM, FM, and...CB? Is that the other one? And it has a flashlight and a flashing red beacon light, and it has an alarm clock, and you can power it in one of four different ways! First is the obvious triple A batteries, and then there's the rechargeable battery, which has three different charging methods. You can plug it in to your computer (it's a USB charger), you can use the solar panels, or you can use the hand generator crank thingy! It's fun, because you just turn the crank around and around, and it makes electricity! Whee!! (I'm actually not being sarcastic at all.) And the main selling point for Mom and Steve is that you can use it to charge your cell phone, so you can always keep in touch with people in an emergency. Unless someone uses one of those...what are those bombs called that kill all your electronics? EMP? Is that what they are? It doesn't matter, just don't use them. They're not nice.

After Mom and Steve dropped off the radio, they told us to take it out and make sure we know how to use it, so that's what we did! (After we actually went to the store and then did some chores.) I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that about half the radio stations we turned to were playing country music, while the other half were either talk shows or in Spanish. Athena says, "Mainly I feel, 'It's a good thing I don't listen to the radio.'" But now we know how to use the radio thingie, so mission accomplished, anyway.

Oh yeah, I kind of wanted to talk about that featured title from the first paragraph. It's Wreck-It Ralph, which is not our favorite Disney movie ever, but we liked it at least as much as Chicken Little (which we just ordered again, because it had been missing from our collection since we loaned it out, so we just got the Blu-ray version to replace the DVD), so we figured we might as well buy it. I think movies these days are relying too much on preexisting fan love, but it's working, and so we're losing out on a lot of substance. Not that Wreck-It Ralph doesn't have substance--it definitely does--just that...I don't know. I just...I guess I don't really like the characters we're seeing these days as much. I like Ralph and Felix and Vanellope and...that other character...well enough, but...yeah. Athena says maybe we'll like it better when we see it again, like with Tangled. We'll see.

I'm also really curious to know how surprised people were when the big secrets were revealed. We like to think we're getting pretty good at seeing things coming. I had the whole movie figured out as soon as they explained the origins of "going Turbo," but maybe so did everybody else?

Today I'm thankful for Mom and Steve dropping the thing off, having a neat multi-powered radio thingie, being that much more prepared for an emergency, having lots of new(ish) Disney movies to choose from, and having tasty fruit juice.