February 7th, 2013

kid flash

Internet time sinks

I feel like we just returned from a long journey...a long journey to the land of Online Surveys. But the email said if we finished it, we'd get a coupon for a free entree at Marie Callenders, so guess who's going to Marie Callenders sometime in the unspecified future! Totally worth it.

What was I going to talk about today? Maybe something about that video...we did a lot of stuff on the internet today that took a long time. Twitter is a dangerous place. But there was a video of a panel from Comic Con where a real live lawyer talked about the legality of fan art. It was fascinating! But I think it can be summed up in a couple of sentences: Technically all fan art infringes copyright law, but there are defenses so just make sure you fit into one of those defensible positions. The lawyer's take on it was that fan art is basically a fan's way of saying "I love you," and they shouldn't be stopped from doing that. I just realized maybe I should have saved the link. Okay, I checked our history, and it's here, but the video is a million years long, so... (And by a million years, I mean about 55 minutes.)

Also, a couple weeks ago, somebody posted a link on Facebook to some guy's blog post where he was talking about how venting is wrong and has proven to be unhelpful. It bothered us, because when we're upset it really does help to talk things out, but this person was like, "Don't burden others with your venting!" He even gave tips on what to do if you're faced with someone who is about to vent at you. Interestingly, he didn't offer any tips on alternatives to venting. I suspect his blog post was an alternative to his vent about venting.

But the point is! today when I was talking to our counselor, venting got brought up, and I mentioned something about how I'd heard it's been proven to be unhelpful, and she said that it depends on if the venting is processing or escalating. That means if venting is processing, it is helpful! And we thought, "Ha HA!" Because we're vindictive like that. But it's nice to feel vindicated.

And those are my random thoughts for the day.

Today I'm thankful for the new Polar Bear Cafe ending sequence, coupons for a free entree at Marie Callenders, fascinating panel discussions, browser histories making it easy to find links that I didn't bookmark, and cosplay being in a defensible position in regards to copyright infringement.