February 4th, 2013


Here we go again

We got a call from Mom this morning. Sarah was sick with a fever, and she was hoping we could help take care of Logan and the kid Sarah babysits while Mom drove Kimee to an appointment. We would have been happy to help, but there was just one problem: I'm sick, too. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, and I thought it was just going to be a little thing, but then I got all achy, so there you have it. Celeste is sick, too, so we're thinking we all caught something at Disney on Ice or stake conference. Fortunately, Mom and Athena have been spared (for now...!). We also think it might be the same thing Athena had a couple of weeks ago--or rather, we're hoping, because then we don't have to worry about her getting it later.

Mostly, we just want all this illness to stop. It's really not conducive to productive lifestyles. We spent today watching the live action Host Club drama and playing one of our shiny new PSP games: Tactics Ogre. It kind of seems like somebody was like, "Hey, remember Final Fantasy Tactics? Wasn't that an awesome game? Yeah. Let's make another one." But that makes Athena happy, because FFT has always been one of her favorite games, and now she gets a chance to play it again, without the guilt of wasting time on a game she's already beaten (and it takes forever to get through).

As a side note, the Kirimi episode of the Host Club drama was pretty awesome.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play our shiny new game, getting to watch more Host Club, the ability to breathe through my nose, fond remembrances of old commercials (Athena's holding a Snickers bar (she's going to eat it when we get away from the computer); it reminds me of the Snickers commercial with Betty White), and the magic of saltine crackers.