January 30th, 2013



Since we've been out Doing Stuff on Saturdays, we'd built up a backlog of anime episodes to watch. We managed to get almost caught up last Friday, intending to finish up on Saturday, but then we went to the zoo. The sad part about that is we had saved our favorites (Chihayafuru and Cuticle Detective Inaba) for last. But we finally got to watch them today! Yay!

It was extra exciting, because of the new characters in Chihayafuru. Frankly, we don't really care about Sumire (at least not yet, anyway; we'll see how things go with her), but as soon as Tsukuba introduced himself, we both got really excited because we recognized that voice! It was maddening, because he didn't talk again for a while! We were both sitting there, clutching tightly to our anime-time plushie buddies, waiting for him to just SAY SOMETHING DARNIT!!! Then he said something, and we were happy, because it confirmed our suspicions that it was Miyu Irino (currently our very favorite voice actor), and now he's our favorite character, and we were like, "Why didn't we watch this episode last week!? Argh!!!" It's so great, too, whenever Taichi helps or encourages him, or looks concerned on his behalf. We're always like, "Thanks, Riku!" or "You tell him, Riku!" (Because Taichi is played by the guy who plays Riku in Kingdom Hearts, and Irino-kun plays Sora. Sora and Riku on the same team again! Yay♥)

Then we watched Cuticle Detective Inaba, and they introduced a new character who's played by the actress who plays Chihaya! Whoa! It would have driven us crazy if we hadn't heard her voice so recently, because she sounded so gosh darn familiar! But since we had just been watching Chihayafuru, we were like, "Yup, that's totally Chihaya. They don't even sound different." And there was an adorable sheep played by Takehito Koyasu, and Athena managed to identify his voice, too, even though all he said was "mogo" (and he didn't even say it very often).

And that's been our day--squeeing about Japanese voice actors. And catching up on chores (less squeeful).

Today I'm thankful for finally being caught up on anime again (oh wait, we have two episodes of Magi to watch...), getting our chores done, new characters played by Miyu Irino, new characters played by Asami Seto (I was just wondering what else she's been in, too), and finishing this entry before I go visiting teaching.