January 21st, 2013


TV journal

I agreed to participate in a survey about TV viewing habits that involved keeping a TV journal, or so it said, so when we were watching TV today, I was taking more careful mental notes so I could write proper TV journal entries. Then it turns out the "journal" is just a few questions about, like, when I watched TV and what kind of device I watched it on. I like that it was so easy to make the journal entry, but now I have all these thoughts about Once Upon A Time with nowhere to go.

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We also watched The Middle, which is divided between "Aww, that was nice" episodes and "Why you gotta make me hate the world more?" episodes. Last week's episode was the latter. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas, receiving unexpected endorsements on LinkedIn, reminders not to get cocky, having ingredients for chocolate fondue (even if we really ought to wait to make more), and having Brownie Points desserts from Fresh & Easy.