January 14th, 2013


Doing Stuff

Last week was pretty much a failure as far as productivity (Saturday notwithstanding), mainly because there were scheduling issues and we really wanted to finish Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. We had ideas of being productive during the little bits of time we had to wait for the 3DS to charge, but we always ended up watching Warehouse 13 (for example) instead. We figured it was okay, because we would finish Layton Attorney and then move on to actually Doing Stuff. We didn't expect it to take all week. This is certainly not helping us with our "don't just wish for a great 2013; make it so!" plan, but we did enjoy the video game.

Anyway, we got some more inspiration with this article that our sister linked to on Facebook. It's called 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person, but it's really just one harsh truth presented from six slightly different angles. Still, it's an extremely important point, and we really like the article (although there is some bad language which we could have done without, and we didn't watch any of the videos). The main point of it is if you want to be a good person who's happy with your life, you have to Do Stuff.

And so (after some glorious sleeping in) we spent this morning looking for "solo & accompaniment" sheet music that we could work on playing with the tin whistle and piano/concertina. We found some pretty cool-looking stuff that we're pretty excited about. We also went to Amazon to get some books on musical theory and composition, so we can hopefully start arranging music for ourselves ((not) shockingly, it's pretty hard to find music on the internet for tin whistle and concertina). That's exciting, too, but also extremely intimidating. Still, as long as we work a little at a time, even if we go very very slowly, something is better than nothing.

In the meantime, we keep finding cool new stuff to watch, which also not helping. Last night we were too tired to watch a movie, so we pulled up Netflix to watch some TV shows, and we found Dinosaurs, which turned out to not be quite riveting enough to keep us awake (but is still something we'd like to rewatch). So we tried something else which looked intriguing, and it turned out to be by the same people who made H2O: Just Add Water. We love their stuff because it's so shoujo manga-y, with the added bonus of Australian accents. The new (to us) show is called The Elephant Princess, and the premise is like the most cliche thing ever (girl finds out she's actually the princess of some magical kingdom, and is none to happy to discover she's not normal), but Kuru is super adorable, and Liam Hemsworth is in it! (We like to refer to him as Thor's brother, but I guess he might not like being called that all the time.) There's also an elephant in it (of course), which reminds us of Steve Irwin and makes us want to watch Crocodile Hunter. I wonder if that's on Netflix... (As if we need more shows to watch.)

Today I'm thankful for motivation to Do Stuff, having cool new sheet music (and a bunch more waiting for us whenever we're ready to buy it), getting money in the mail, it being just about time to get Back to Work (apparently when you start Doing Stuff, Stuff comes along to be Done), and getting to watch the new (to us) show by the creators of H2O.