January 4th, 2013



It's time to do laundry, and you know what that means! Stalling! But we've been mildly productive in other ways today, too. We just ate the Peeps we got for Christmas, so now there are fewer Peeps taking up space in our apartment! Tadah!

Actually, we never were big fans of marshmallows, and therefore we were never big fans of Peeps, but these were special Christmas ones, with caramel flavored marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate! I was intrigued by the idea, so we tried them! And they were alright. The chocolate was good, and the sugar coating was good. Still not a big fan of marshmallows, though. We both decided to eat the whole pack (we each got a pack of three), and now we have mild tummy aches. From this experience, we have learned to put an alert in my phone to remind me on October 1st to buy some saltine crackers. Saltine crackers are the best remedy for sugar overload, in our experience, anyway.

The other productive things we did today were name indexing (today we indexed marriage certificates from Canada!), and finally start working on a whistle/concertina duet for our pirate band. If we're going to make 2013 a great year, we need to do things other than the same old read manga, watch anime, play video games routine, and so we decided to start putting more effort into the whole pirate band thing. But the song we wanted to start with wasn't in a good key for Athena's D whistle, so we had to transpose it! Bam! And that's how we found blanksheetmusic.net, where you can get free blank sheet music to print out. Very convenient.

So I transposed the score and now I have a piece of really hard music to practice on the concertina! Woohoo! (For Athena, all I have to do is say "start on this note," and she can figure the rest out by herself.) And not only do I need to practice it; I need to memorize it! Aaaaahhh! I still have only two pieces of music memorized currently, and they're both for the piano. I tried memorizing the Legend of Zelda theme once, but I just couldn't get it to stick. This will definitely be a challenge.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try the fancy Christmas Peeps, blanksheetmusic.net, getting to try out three new anime series at Crunchyroll (we meant to only try one, but then it was only three and a half minutes long, so we tried out another one, and it was also three and a half minutes long, so then we were going to just leave and have lunch, but they had one of their banners for a new show, and we were like, "Hey, what's that?" so we tried it and there you have it), having some new anime to watch that won't be a huge time investment, and having a pirate band song to work on.