December 30th, 2012


The Nursery Adventure

We had another long day at church today. Steve called last night and asked us if we would help in the nursery again, so we agreed, and that's where we were for the two hours after church. Those kids are pretty cute, but to be honest, one of the main reasons we didn't have any qualms about agreeing this week is that we know that, starting next week, Mom's ward will be meeting before ours, and so they won't be able to ask us again for another year.

There were some cute incidents, though. Athena had a whole big adventure! "And the sore muscles to go with it," she adds. It started when Logan's father dropped him off in the nursery. Logan hates having doors closed to him, so he kept trying to reach the doorknob in hopes of getting it open, and he was definitely unhappy. So while Athena was trying to figure out what to do with this kid, another little girl comes along and reaches up for Athena to hold her. Sometimes the nursery kids get to go out and walk the halls, so she picked up the little girl and opened the door and said, "Okay, let's go on a walk." And then she was joined by another little girl. (I had no knowledge of any of these events until Mom said to me, "Should I go rescue your sister?")

So Athena and her party made it about seven feet down the hall when Logan reached up for her to hold him, too! She tried carrying both children, but Athena is not known for her upper-body strength, so that lasted all of about a few paces. So the girl had to walk, because she was older and heavier. But Athena held her hand, and the other little girl held her hand on the other side, and they all walked along like they were off to see the wizard.

They made it to the corner, and they walked past the chapel door where the men were having Elder's Quorum, and the second little girl, whose father is the bishop, said, "Dada!" And Athena resolved to get past that spot very quickly. (When they walked by on the other side, they passed by a young man who put his fingers to his lips to signal them to by quiet and one of the girls mimicked him.) Then they ran into our former Relief Society president, who commented to one of the little girls about how she liked her fashion statement with one sock and one boot. That was the first time Athena noticed that a shoe was missing (it's okay; it was in the nursery room).

Then the first little girl wanted to be held again, but Logan wasn't ready to be put down. Fortunately, they were in sight of an oasis! (the drinking fountain). So instead of carrying children, Athena said, "Let's all take turns drinking water!" The bishop's daughter went first and got water everywhere, and then Logan had a turn, and the bishop's daughter wanted another turn (she must really like liquid or something; she's also constantly asking for more hand sanitizer), while Logan and the other girl played with the button on the other fountain. Eventually they all got a turn, and then it was time for the most dangerous (for Athena) part of the journey: the South Foyer.

The South Foyer is a very dangerous place, because all the children recognize it as the place with the Door to Freedom. So they all went up to the doors! And one of the little girls may or may not have locked one or two of the doors. Eventually Athena managed to steer the children away, and they came to The Other Drinking Fountain! That's about when I walked out to see if I could find them, and I ran smack into one of the little girls, so I forgot that I was at church and said, "Hi!" Logan heard me, so he waved and said very loudly, "Haaaaa!" (That's how he says hi. But it was the first time he'd ever said hi to me, so I was pretty excited, except for the fact that we were at church, and people were trying to learn. On the other hand, it was a very un-classed section of the building, so it was probably okay.)

Then they all had more water and played with some chairs that were stacked in the hallway before coming back in to the nursery, the latter event being a very unhappy one for Logan. So Athena calmed him down by holding him up by the window to look outside, which of course meant the little girls had to look outside, too, and they all needed hand sanitizer, because there was something on the bottom of one of those chairs...

And that was Athena's Nursery Adventure.

Today I'm thankful for the kids being relatively well behaved, having a pretty good time talking to people at our ward's linger longer, the great lesson we had in Sunday school, getting to sing New Year's songs in sacrament meeting, and Page very adorably sitting up like a meerkat for a second just now.