December 29th, 2012



We were just discussing how great it would be if they invented some kind of storage thing. Like, everyone has the books and/or DVDs that they want to have available all the time, and then they have the ones that they want to keep, but they don't really have a place for on their shelves, but they still want to be able to get to them relatively easily when the time comes, like Christmas movies. Maybe people just use little boxes, or those shelving things where you have the shelves, but then you put a container in the shelf and it becomes a drawer.

We're talking about random things. Like seals. We have this adorable picture of a baby seal on our calendar, and Athena was just saying that it's funny how seals are so cute, because if they weren't fuzzy, they'd almost be gross. It's like a little blob. Like when you squeeze toothpaste out of the tube. But when you squeeze toothpaste out of a tube, you don't usually look at it and think, "Oooh, it's so cute!" Some people might. And maybe there are some exceptionally adorable toothpaste blobs. But if your toothpaste is fuzzy, then there's something wrong with it, and we seriously doubt anyone would think that it was cute.

We're also trying to decide what to do with ourselves next week. Technically, we could get back to work translating Missions of Love, but we don't want to be turning stuff in right after the new year, because people will be getting back from the holidays and things will be confusing enough as it is. So we're thinking we might translate something else, just for kicks, because if we're not productive, we start to go crazy. But then we have to decide what.

We finished translating Ascribe to Heaven volume two this week, after having it for only about a year. So we might go on to translate the new Yukiru Sugisaki manga we just got (which is about twins, but they're fraternal), but we might want to translate something that somebody wants to read. On the other hand, if we do start to translate something somebody wants to read, there's no guarantee that they'll get to read it anyway, because we have this habit of starting something, and then, partway through, being like, "Okay, that was fun. Time for something else now." And then leaving it, like we did with Ascribe to Heaven. Unless it's something like Saiyuki, which only takes about four hours to translate anyway and doesn't have sci-fi techno-babble (the main source of our "okay, done" attitude). But the point is, if somebody asks us to translate something, we're much more likely to finish it, because then not only have we accepted a responsibility, but we'll feel important. Like a, "Yay I'm helping!" kind of thing. That being the case, now's your chance to ask for a translation! (But it has to be of something we already have. Eheh.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to go grocery shopping, remembering to buy graham crackers for whenever we finally make chocolate fondue, World 6 being way easier than World 5 in Mario Wii, getting to deposit money today, and having pineapple orange juice.