November 26th, 2012



We may need to move our main base of operations to a different room. The tree outside our bedroom is doing very well, which is great, because we like trees and all...but the leaves are so thick, the room is dark all day long! It's lost some leaves for autumn, but there's still a lot of big green ones on the top blocking out the sun.

Anyway...our plan today was to get some cleaning and a lot of reading done while we wait on some paperwork, but an email from CD Japan changed everything! (Well, it changed a little.) It was one of those "coming soon from your favorite artist" emails, and it listed a Polar Bear Cafe CD! But the artist it listed hadn't been in any of the episodes we'd seen! We were a little aggravated at having one of the character voices spoiled for us, and so we had to go to Crunchyroll right away to watch until that character showed up. Fortunately, we only had to watch three episodes before that happened. And it's not like everything was spoiled. We didn't know which character he played--just that he played someone.

But the important thing is that there are Polar Bear Cafe albums, and we need to get one. Especially because the one listed also has the song by MC 469MA!

Also, the Halloween episode is pretty awesome. Costumes are so fun.

There is one problem with Polar Bear Cafe, though. We've been watching it so much that when I'm reading Durarara!!, instead of Izaya's voice, I hear Penguin's. I can't remember what Izaya sounds like anymore! We may have to go rewatch some Durarara!! anime.

Today I'm thankful for the Halloween episode of Polar Bear Cafe, it not taking long to get to the episode with that character, Yama Arashi, the new ending sequence we got to, and still having time for reading today.