November 24th, 2012



Thanks to a heads up from badtzphoto, we were able to take advantage of Kinokuniya's Black Friday free shipping offer! That's when we found out that Kinokuniya recently revamped their whole website! It's kind of...I think it would be less confusing for most people, but since we were used to the old version, it's going to be a little confusing for us until we get used to it.

But the problem is! if we keep going around dropping all this money on manga, how are we supposed to buy Silly Symphonies DVDs? Aaaaahhh...! On top of that, we tried some cleaning today and realized that we have too much stuff again. But we don't wanna get rid of our stuff! We actually have a bunch of stuff that's been marked for Goodwill for a long time now, and we really ought to transport that stuff away, and we still have the lamp that a certain roommate brought in. We also have a bunch of computer stuff that needs to be taken in for recycling.

We also have a bunch of fabric that we're probably never going to use. I think I have like three or four boxes of it. But it's depressing to think of not using it, even considering the fact that the reason we wouldn't use it has nothing to do with the thought of never cosplaying again. It's more because if we do come up with something to cosplay, we'll probably just buy all new fabric for it. But that thought it kind of depressing, too, because we don't have room for new material, or new costumes. But if we gave away all this fabric, we might... Hmmm... So in other words, if we would just start thinking a little outside the box (ha ha ha), the depressing stuff might go away. Hmmm...

Today I'm thankful for getting a little bit of cleaning done today, the yummy kettle corn we had to eat yesterday, getting extra time to read manga yesterday, having little pizzas to look forward to for dinner tonight, and Page being snuggly today.