November 15th, 2012


Kitties and manga

We were working on editing Higurashi today, and it was going very well, but we kept dreading The Page. And whenever it got brought up, we had to say, "Not that Page (pointing to the cat). That page (pointing at the book of manga)." ...We amuse ourselves.

Speaking of Page the Cat, she has been so cute lately. We noticed that every time we've knelt for evening prayers lately (which usually ends up with us talking for about half an hour before actually praying), she'll come lie down in the cat bed nearby. Last night, Athena came into the bedroom after brushing her teeth, and Page came running in and lay down in her bed. But then Athena left, so she ran out! By the time we were done saying our family prayer, she was in her bed again. We think she's decided to share bedtime with us, because she's always still there by the time we stop talking (before individual prayers) and actually go to sleep. So cute♥

In other news, we got new manga today! Tokyo Crazy Paradise! Woohoo! We mostly just got that, and more volumes of Kiss Yori mo Hayaku. We started reading the latter, like, a million years ago (or four...?), but only two volumes, because soon thereafter we started being poor again. And then we had a bajillion other things we wanted to read when we had money again. But then! the last volume came out! So we were like, "Oh no! We have to buy it before they stop selling it!" Athena's reading it first, so I couldn't say anything about it because I FORGOT EVERYTHING! The only thing I remember is origami ninja stars. Seriously. And I think I remember the premise. Maybe. But Athena assures me it's still super cute.

We also wanted to buy Yukiru Sugisaki's new series, which is written 1001, but pronounced Nights...or at least I think that's how it is. It might actually just be 1001 Nights. But it has a big 1001 with a little katakana naitsu over it, so... But anyway, they did not have it at Costa Mesa, which was the only Kinokuniya store that had Tokyo Crazy Paradise, so we decided we'd just have to make an LA Kinokuniya order later. And then we were like, "We should stop spending money," so we haven't done that yet.

Today I'm thankful for having shiny new manga, finishing our Higurashi edit, not having to look up more movie quotes, Page's adorable bedtime, and getting to take the day off tomorrow.