November 6th, 2012


Voting Adventures

We had a voting adventure today! Our polling place had been the same the last times we voted, and we didn't quite pay as much attention to the card that told us where we're supposed to vote this year. So we headed out to our regular polling place...and it was empty! Oooohhh noooo!

We decided to wander around and see if maybe we could find something. Our old polling place was at a church a few blocks from our apartment, and we thought it would be pretty funny if our new polling place turned out to be the church right next to our complex (but in the other direction from the first place). Especially because we had an email that told us about a deal at Fresh & Easy (same direction as the other church, opposite direction of our old polling place), and we thought, "Too bad that's not the way we're going today, or we might take advantage."

Right, so we were wandering around, and we made it to the busy street nearby. As we were walking along, we ran into a friend who used to be in our ward! And we had just been talking about her! So we stopped to chat for a little while, and then, since Denny's was right there, and we were tired of the sun reflecting off all the cars in the big parking lot, we went in for some food. We discovered all the neat Hobbit-themed menu items. To be honest, we're not planning to see the Hobbit (the first two movies in the trilogy had such Stunning Visuals that we didn't think we could handle the third one), but we have a weakness for themed food items. Except that we also don't like food, so instead we ordered cheese sticks. Ah well.

But! we shared a Lone-Lands Campfire Cookie Milkshake for dessert! It really tasted like s'mores! Only with ice cream and without the texture of marshmallows, so even better!

After our brief interlude, we kept going in our wide circle, and lo and behold (as I'm sure you've all figured out by now), there was our polling place. At the church right next to our apartment complex. But now we have voted! ...But we'd been worried about voting all day, because we are so woefully uninformed that we're both afraid our votes will do more harm than good. Fortunately, there are only two of us, out of the millions of Californians in the state. Athena was tempted to vote for Roseanne, but she did not. Anyway, we've resolved to fix our "being woefully uninformed" problem, and become at least only mildly uninformed. So our next stop is the website of the Washington Post, which we've decided, based on all our Facebook and Twitter experiences, is the newspaper that we like best.

But when will we find time to practice the concertina!? We're so worried about it; I'm afraid I broke it or something (even though I think I probably didn't, but I don't know!!!!)! I was practicing yesterday, and suddenly it just stopped playing E (above middle C; it will still play E above high C). We think it might have something to do with acclimatization, since the concertina is still fairly new, and they told us to play it lots so it could acclimate. And we only started learning L2 (the button that plays the E when you push (and F when you draw)) on Saturday, and we didn't practice on Sunday, so it was still a pretty new note. Anyway, I should stop rambling so we can get stuff done.

Today I'm thankful for finding our polling place, themed menu items (we'll have to go back with someone who likes entrees, so we can get free trading cards), spontaneous visits at restaurants, having all manner of means whereby to alleviate our uninformedness, and the assurance that if there is something horribly wrong with the concertina, the Concertina Connection will repair it free of charge as long as we don't misuse the instrument.