October 31st, 2012


Happy Halloween!

We're back from Mickey's Halloween Party! We promised Gaston and Alice that we'd send them photos, so we already have the pictures on our computer, ready to post to LJ! They still need re-sizing, but the fact that they're on our computer is a huge step. But, because it took like a million years to send the emails with the pictures, we're tired of dealing with them already. We think it would be a good idea to post the pictures as they become relevant to our party report, so for now, I'll just report everything until they do become relevant.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to see Billy Hill and the Haunted Hillbillies, all the nice comments we got on our costumes, already having our pictures on the computer, having space on the camera's memory card again, and still having those yummy Werther's candies to look forward to.