October 27th, 2012



We did it! We finally summoned enough resolve to order a concertina! I know we've been talking about it for like a year now, but now the order has been placed, so unless something goes wrong with the processing, we should have a concertina before long. And if something goes wrong with the processing, I think we might take it as a sign that we weren't supposed to get a concertina after all.

But it's been on my mind for a while, because I've been thinking about how much I like ensemble music. Not just listening to it, but being a part of something. I really like...okay, so I don't know how many people reading this remember the DS game called Band Brothers that we got obsessed with a few years back. (Athena just reminded me we got it in 2007. Wow, it was really that long ago? Time does fly.) It's a music game for up to eight players, and each player plays a different instrument, and when you're done playing a piece, you get your own individual score, and a team score (which is the average score of all the players). So instead of competing to see who's better, you're all trying to do your best to give the team a great score.

Our favorite piece to play is the Fire Emblem theme (which makes it a little sad that we've only played a few hours of only one Fire Emblem game; it's hard, because when a character dies, they die for good, and they all have names and families! so you have to reset it to bring them back to life, and there was one battle that was really really hard!). I'll take the strings part, and Athena will take the flute part, which we do because we're usually the only people playing, and those two parts take turns with the melody. But my most favorite part of all time is during the...bridge type part, where the strings start playing the melody, but then they drop down to the harmony while the flute picks up the melody. It just makes me so happy to hear it every time. I think it's because it really creates a sense of teamwork and unity, which is really one of the things I like best in everything.

There was another time we invited Celeste and Sarah over to play it, and they don't get to play it all the time, because we only have one copy, so they like to take the easy parts. So we were playing the World Song Medley, and the easiest parts were Clarinet 1 and Clarinet 2. There's one part in the medley where the clarinets kind of have a solo together...well, it's not really a solo. It's like when you sing the echo parts in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or if you're singing the Happy Birthday song, and somebody sings "cha cha cha!" between lines. But the clarinets play it, and it was just the cutest thing to hear Celeste and Sarah play that part together. I get warm fuzzies just remembering it.

And so, to see if we could take that sense of unity out of the video games and into "real life," we decided it was about time to get a concertina, so we can start our pirate band. We'll see how it goes.

Today I'm thankful for chirpy cat toys, Page not being afraid of the chirpy cat toy (although she did start meowing at us after playing with it for a while (but she did play with it for a while, so we think it was a win)), finally having the nerve to buy a concertina, having some new (to us) Werther's candies to try, and being done doing laundry.