October 24th, 2012



LiveJournal has been so quiet lately, I must post something! But I don't know what to post!

Let's see... We decided to start reading Sherlock Holmes, and that's pretty cool. I can't go into much detail, because I only started reading it yesterday and Athena hasn't read it at all, but it was interesting, because I knew that Psych was sort of based on or inspired by Sherlock Holmes or something? And I can see how Psych is like Sherlock Holmes, only very very different. It's like...there are some Disney movies that are really different from the books they were based on, but they still manage to capture the spirit of the story very well. (Except for Bambi, the movie of which has a very different spirit from the book, but the book is depressing and (therefore) annoying, so we're glad the Disney movie has a different feel to it.) Anyway, Psych is like that with Sherlock Holmes. ...Based on the five chapters I've read, anyway.

What else? I think I've mentioned that we're looking into the nametag option again. Right now...well, right now, we mostly just don't think about it because it seems kind of silly, and we have other things to do. But when we do think about it, we can't decide if we should get name necklaces or nametags. I think the main goal is for legibility, in which case nametags would be better, mainly because our names are so similar in writing that, with the cursive fonts used for most name necklaces, they would be difficult to differentiate at a glance. And that would kind of defeat the purpose. But necklaces are shinier and don't require us to design anything.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read Sherlock Holmes, having time for more than one episode of Psych yesterday, work going fairly well (not as well as we'd hoped, but it definitely could have been worse), getting to play Eternal Sonata, and having things for breakfast so that we don't have to go out into the cold to buy cereal.