October 22nd, 2012


Change of plans

Well, our Disneyland plans have been rescheduled. We waited too long to buy our tickets, and now they're sold out for tomorrow night. The only real problem with that is now we're going next Monday, and tickets are more expensive then.

But on the bright side, when I called Disneyland to see if there was some way to maybe squeeze in for tomorrow, the cast member I talked to told me how many tickets they've been selling each night, and the number is relatively small. That means when we do go, it won't be nearly as crowded as it was for the last two years. It also means that either there's some overhead to the party that makes it not worth it to sell too many tickets, or Disney is showing some consideration and making the experience more pleasant. Okay, it seems inconsiderate to the people who can't buy tickets, but when you buy tickets for a special event and it's super crowded like that, it's really not as fun for anyone. Unless all you care about is candy, in which case...there are much cheaper ways to get the same amount of candy. Anyway, we're happy enough about it that we might be willing to actually buy food in the park when we go next week. (We had resolved not to give Disneyland any more money than the price of admission to the party.)

That being the case, we're tempted to spend all week just watching Psych, because our new DVDs came today! We'll probably actually get back to work on Higurashi...on Wednesday.

Today I'm thankful for having some extra time to get stuff done this week, getting our shiny new DVDs, Psych still being awesome, getting some rain today, and securing tickets for Monday before they sold out.