October 19th, 2012


Anime stuff

Well, I guess we could talk about the anime we watched yesterday. We're starting to get back into watching anime, which is pretty exciting. I'm not sure how long it will last, since theoretically we're supposed to get back to work at some point. But since we just finished Negima!, and we're planning to go to Disneyland on Tuesday, we figure we might as well save the last two volumes of Higurashi until after we get back. In the meantime...we spent all afternoon playing Eternal Sonata. But yesterday we watched some anime.

We started with Zetsuen no Tempest, which I think Crunchyroll is calling Blast of Tempest, but for some reason I never bother to remember. The Japanese sticks in my head better, probably because I keep seeing the logo in the opening sequence and eyecatches and stuff. The story is by Kyo Shirodaira (if we read the kanji right), and that's the same person who wrote the story for Spiral: Bonds of Inference (or whatever that subtitle ended up being), so we're pretty interested. Only problem is we're not really connecting with any of the characters, except maybe the main guy, Yoshino, but so far with all the stuff happening, he somehow seems to fade into the background. Still, it's interesting enough to keep watching.

We had an interesting seiyuu geek moment during the third episode, because the other main guy, Mahiro, is played by the same guy who played Mikado in Durarara!!, but he's talking all tough, and something about his voice sounds like Junichi Suwabe. I commented on that to Athena soon before a new character showed up. Mahiro can use magic, but he's not a real mage, and when this character showed up, he was like, "It's a real mage!" So I looked at the new character, and he had the right look for it, so on a lark, I said, "Are you the real Junichi Suwabe?" Right then, he started talking...and he was! Woohoo!

...It was much more exciting in the heat of the moment.

Anyway, later we remembered to check the Funimation website for Kamisama Kiss. They had three whole episodes! So we watched the first one, and we were hooked. We're excited about the voice of Tomoe, because back when we were pirates, we watched a super cute magical girl series and he played one of the villains. And his character would always say, "This school has no need for (whatever the magical girls were trying to do)!" So now we can make all kinds of jokes about things being unnecessary. He also played Benvolio in Romeo x Juliet, but Benvolio didn't have any fun catchphrases to joke with.

After going crazy trying to figure out who played Kurama and reading the credits and of course it was that guy!, how did we not figure it out? what were we thinking? (We were thinking we actually haven't heard anything with him in it for a while (we actually weren't thinking that; it's just how it was).) But we were excited to watch the next episode and hear new characters and guess their voices! So we watched two minutes...and it stopped. So we were like, "Wha...?" and we tried it again. And it wouldn't play. That's when we figured it was probably because we don't have a Funimation subscription, but we decided we didn't want to pay $8 a month to watch just one series, so we'll just have to wait until next week.

We were so annoyed that we went to Crunchyroll and watched Magi to get our minds off of it. It only kind of worked. But the second episode of that series seemed to move along a lot faster, which is odd, because thinking back, I'm pretty sure more stuff happened in the first episode. Anyway, it feels like the pace is picking up, which is good because we really wanted to like it, with it's Arabian Nights theme and stuff, and now it's a lot easier. And somebody really needs to take that guy's sword away. And make him go sit in the corner and think about what he's done. (But I don't think he would figure out why it's bad. He just likes stabbing people for no reason. It's kind of scary.)

Finally, we watched an episode of Polar Bear Cafe, which was especially fun, because it introduced Grizzly. Grizzly's the best. Except for Polar Bear and Penguin. Also, we were sad, because what we really wanted was to watch the end sequence, "Bamboo Scramble," but it was usurped by Grizzly Rock! Oh no! But Grizzly Rock was pretty awesome, too. We just...we just really wanted to watch Bamboo Scramble again...sniffle... We'll just have to watch another episode.

And thus concludes our nonsensical ramblings about anime.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch new anime, having lots of time to start Eternal Sonata (sometimes you need a lot of time when starting a new video game), correctly identifying the voices of Polka and Allegretto, Grizzly Rock, and getting to sleep in this morning (we don't get to tomorrow).