October 15th, 2012



So we're still a little hung up about that article we read on Saturday, mostly because, as you all know, we have a hard time letting things go. But also, we watched Disney's Cinderella last night.

The article I'm talking about had some odd things to say in regard to Cinderella, which I think I must have understood poorly, because it didn't make a whole lot of sense, but this is how I read it. It mentioned all the "male Cinderellas" that show up in the Grimm fairy tale collection--youngest sons who are looked down on by the rest of their family, but go on to find riches or whatever--and said, if I remember correctly, that none of them were unhappy with their lot in life before. It seemed to be contrasting this with Cinderella herself, implying that Cinderella was unhappy with her situation.

So, based on this article, as well as the portrayal of Cinderella in Once Upon A Time, it seems that the general (uninformed) opinion of the character is that she sits around whining about how she has to do housework and waiting for somebody to come fix everything for her. I always thought the problem people had with Cinderella was that if her life was so terrible, why didn't she run away or something?, but I'm starting to think that people see her problems as trivial or something.

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Whew, I think that covers everything. Short version: Cinderella's more awesome than these people seem to claim.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Cinderella, the fancy way Fresh & Easy starting molding its sugar cookie dough, successfully getting our laundry done, getting to read some of our storybooks last night, and getting to eat sugar cookies.