October 4th, 2012


M Quest

It started last Saturday. We were wandering Target with the family, and I saw an unusual bag of M&Ms, with pictures of candy corn on it. Athena and I had just been remembering how much we like candy corn, so I grabbed the bag and paid for it without anyone noticing what we were doing. It was at that point I realized that the M&Ms were white chocolate, which we don't usually care for, but the novelty of the candy corn flavor was enough for us to want to try it anyway. White chocolate does have its place, after all.

Then we went to the colorful race, and when we came back to Mom's house, we decided to try the new M&Ms. They were interesting. Unique. We liked them pretty well. But we had to put them away rather quickly, because Logan was having a little too much fun with them. To be honest, I thought it was pretty fun too, except for the mess. The bag of M&Ms had been out in the hot car for a couple of hours, so they were pretty melty by the time we opened it. Even the candy coating was melting! Or some of the coating had snapped, and the melted chocolate was leaking out. Either way, the M&Ms were a little greasy for some reason. But the point is, we had gotten a little bowl to put M&Ms in for Logan, and instead of eating them, he liked to drop them on the floor, which turned out to be kind of awesome, because now that they were so soft, the shells broke into fun little patterns. Then he'd put them back in the bowl. It wasn't really a problem except for the ones he also put in his mouth...and then dropped on the floor.

So we had to put the M&Ms somewhere the boy wouldn't think to look at them (because if he saw them, he might start begging, and we're all saps). The problem with such somewheres is that the grownups don't think to look at them, either, and then they get left behind. And so we returned home without our white chocolate candy corn M&Ms.

As soon as we remembered their existence, we knew that we couldn't expect to see them again, and we were okay with it. We had tried them, and that's all we really wanted. But we were thinking we'd like to get them again, should the opportunity arise. And sure enough, the next day we discovered that our M&Ms were gone and that Mom planned to buy us a new bag. On Tuesday, she went to Target...where they had completely sold out of the elusive M&Ms. She even asked an employee, and they discovered there wasn't a single bag in the store. So we told her to buy us some Reese's and we'd call it good.

Still, the reason Mom didn't stop the disappearance of our M&Ms was that she was sure she'd be able to replace them, and this development did not sit well with her. So when we went to Walmart yesterday to buy some jeans, we looked around...and they didn't have any either. We stopped by her house to pick of the Reese's, of which she bought plenty, and we were very happy with it, but since Mom lives close to Walgreen's, it was decided that we would make one last effort. So into the drugstore we went.

We searched and searched all through the candy, and we didn't see anything. So we asked an employee, and she said, "Yes, we have those." And she found them for us! Tadah! But they were only the little individual bags, as opposed to the big bag we had bought at Target (although it wasn't that big a bag). So Mom bought us each two little bags, and one for herself, and we are more than happy enough with the results (we still get to keep all the Reese's--a bag of regular peanut butter cups, a bag of miniatures, and two pumpkin two-packs), but we're all still a little...I don't know what word I'm looking for, but the point is these M&Ms seem to have disappeared! And now we're determined to find them again.

So the question is this: Has anyone out there seen the illusive white chocolate candy corn M&Ms? Or did they discontinue them all of a sudden, because maybe most people, like Sarah, tried one and decided that, while it might be an acquired taste, it's a taste they'd rather not acquire?

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to buy us all that candy, having new jeans (only one pair each, because apparently our size is really hard to find; maybe if we didn't insist on getting mid-rise instead of low-rise...), finding jeans in our size, having lots of Reese's, and Walgreen's having the M&Ms we were looking for (sort of).
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